1. What year did they require carrying CITES with exotics? What happens if you travel and dont have the CITES?
  2. Good question.

    You mean we have to carry that piece of CITES whenever we travel with an exotic?
  3. I thought we needed it when you travel. I'm sure someone on the forum knows the details, people on here are always so knowledgable.
  4. you carry the CITES paperwork if you go out of the country. but if you're travelling within the US, you dont need to.
  5. ^ Thanks, ReneH. I didn't know it until you created this thread!
  6. what if you do not have the CITES, what happens and aren't the CITES a recent (like in the last 10 years) thing? What if the bag is older
  7. i believe you can certainly bring the bag in the store and they have a CITES prepare for it. the bag may be sent to Paris to achieve this. check your local store.
  8. Hi Everyone,
    As you can see I am new here, and was about to join and introduce myself when this thread came up and I thought I could help so if I am doing anything wrong with my posting please let me know. If I accidently am using someone's name I will change right away. I purchased a vintage croc. Hermes bag 2 years ago on eBay from France not even thinking about a Cities certificate. The seller sent the bag unmarked and after sweating it out I got the bag. The bag is 70s. I took the bag to BH and Manuela said the bag needs work on the handle and she said that the bag had to be sent to H in France for the work. They could send it but H could not send it back(no cites). I contacted Fish and Game in California and said I had a vintage bag but they can't guarantee that the bag will be let back in to the USA even if I carried it back and they will not issue a Cites unless I have a recipt with the exact date and tons of accurate proof of exact age Hope this helps.;)
  9. you can take a photo and have it notarized, along with a statement (also notarized) that you took the bag out of the country with you. If you're stopped on return it should serve as sufficient proof that you are simply returning with your personal goods rather than importing the item.

    in fact, this is good to do with any new-looking items of foreign manufacture -- such as a brand-new birkin you might be travelling with. though in the second case it's to establish no customs duty is due rather than the legality of the skin.
  10. i keep a photocopy of the cites in the pocket of each exotic i have so i will never be without it, i have heard they can confiscate a bag if you have no proof of its, which makes travel with a vintage bag risky, this has never happened to me thank god. the tricky part is that vintage bags have no stamp and hermes always has said to me and relatives too that without a stamp they cannot say for certain (even though i know its origin) it is their bag, and they have never offered to prepare a cites for any body i know after the fact, it does annoy me.
  11. I was looking at the Kelly Sandia has and she said it has no CITES. Which got me thinking about this.
  12. Fish and game told me 2 years ago that they could give me documentation for a vintage croc bag to travel if I could provide definitive documentation that the bag was vintage such as the original purchase receipt when the bag made and I brought the bag in. Of course my summary print out from eBay was a joke.:nogood: Hope this helps. Try calling maybe the rules are different now. Can't hurt to ask. Gotta run
  13. Bumping to see if other croc experts can ring in.
  14. ReneH, I'd a croc bag shipped in directly from Paris, and on the manifold, I could tell that it had a CITES with it when it flew out of Paris. Upon arrival here, it was gone. Customs must have taken it. My understanding is that it is only necessary for export.

    But some of the ladies here say it's needed to be kept inside your bag, in case custom officers ask to see it. Sensitive countries like Australia apparently need to see the cert. I am not good at explaining the rationale why ... I think Grands Fonds said something about protection of endangered species, and customs need to make sure it's OK.
  15. yes mrssparkles you are right, it is that they want to see the country of origin which is listed on the cites, i make several copies of mine just in case i lose them or need in the future.