CITES - expiry date?

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  1. I would like to know more about this CITES obtained by Hermes for the exotic skins. I have read the advices on this forum that it's best to have it in your exotic H bag when you are travelling overseas, especially to countries like the US and Australia.

    Is it normal to have been issued a CITES that has an expiry date? :confused1: I have never read anything like this before on this forum and so I am extremely puzzled why my CITES is only valid for one year, and what happens after it has expired?

    I was told that CITES is only needed for re-export of the bag when the bag is brand new but if it's a owned bag, it's not needed. :s
  2. I have one for a Fendi bag and no expiry... Why don't you write to the customer service on the H site and ask them what you should do?
    I usually take mine with me when I travel with that bag, but that's Fendi, I don't know about H, sorry
  3. I think that's a question for your local H boutique.
  4. Thank you, Gina once again. You have been very helpful.

    I gather my situation is very unusual then. Sigh. :sad:
  5. CITES are ONLY for trade insire that illegal itmes are not being bought and sold...once an item is sold and is in private use there is no need for a CITES at all.
  6. Thanks, Pete/Mario for your reassurances.

    I keep hearing a different story from friends in Singapore that admittedly, I was getting rather annoyed. (I even suspect some of these ladies are just plain jealous). In fact, I'd not noticed the expiry date until today when someone pointed it out to me. That's why I decided to post and find out what is the general knowledge about CITES from the lovely ladies here.

    Merry Christmas, Pete & Mario! And everyone here as well.
  7. ^^ Mrssparkles.. Thanks for posting your thoughts about this issue..I have CITES issues by H boutique but i gave it to the custom authority!! i dont have a copy and was freaking out reading how u have to keep it in ur H bag??!!!
  8. pinkish ... I believe what Pete/Mario from Luxury Zurich says.

    In fact, before I posted this question, I did search through the archives and found a thread about this CITES topic and flossyfigaro (a reseller from London) did say something similar as well, that the CITES is not needed.

    There were of course other posters who, on the cautious side, advised having it in the bag at all times, just in case custom officers behave out of the ordinary and question the croc and ostrich 'breed' (protected species).

    I actually would like to hear from owners of croc Birkins/Kellys who have personally come face to face with a custom officer who questioned your bags, and requested to see the CITES.

    I called up my lovely SA and asked her about it, as prompted by gina. My SA said it is not necessary to have the CITES in your croc bags. If the situation arises (not likely, she said) that custom officers ask about the bag, just refer them to Hermes.

    And as for the expiry of the CITES, she said it does not matter too. What is important is the date of purchase, and that it states the bag is from Hermes.

    Don't mean to cause you any alarm, pinkish.:heart:
  9. ^^ Thank you Mrssparkles :smile:
  10. ^^^Thank you mrssparkles:smile:
  11. But my SA tells me it's always safer to have my CITES ready in my bag when I travel...and mine don't have any expiry dates on them. Guess we really have to hear from people who have taken their crocs out of their country to hear the true story...
  12. No expiry date ?! :wtf:
  13. All of my citis from Hermes HAVE expiration date, croc., alligator, ostrich, lizard...All of them have expiry date:yes: ...So, I am confused...:shrugs:
  14. aspen, you are a lifesaver .:sweatdrop: ... I don't feel so crazy wondering about it now ....:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :shame:
  15. ok i dont have any CITES for any of my crocodile/ostrich birkins and for this confusion i wont carry them in airports anyway, they'll travel safely within my luggage