Cites Certificate - free or payable?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am hoping to get some feedback from those who have bought exotics from the H store - did you have to pay for the CITES certificate?

    As previously, I was always under the impression that it would be included with the sale item.

    However, I had to pay for the CITES certificate when I got my bag from Paris (so I thought maybe its payable in Paris store??)

    Then today I was told that it should be free/included in the sale so this matter got me curious.

    So which is right?

    TIA for your input! :biggrin:
  2. Free.
  3. free!
    but you said paris may i ask if what exotic and what year stamp?
  4. lilach, it was ostrich & its a L stamped.
    so is it norm for paris to charge for CITES cert? :biggrin:

    thanks mrs S for your input.
  5. I thought Ostrich doesnt require Cite cert anymore. My L stamp Ostrich Birkin didn't come with a cite.
  6. If you're a local buying from your local shop, a CITE won't be issued. Only to tourists/foreigners/local customers who have had a known history at the store, of frequent travelling around the world.
  7. Thanks mrssparkles! always so full of knowledge!
  8. The ostrich bag I purchased right before Christmas came with a Certificate of Origin (different from the CITES I have with my croc and lizard pieces).
  9. This is what it should look like. I was told that I needed it for travel (don't know how accurate that info is though)

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  10. ^My older version of ostrich did come with the same cite but recently was told they dont need it anymore (like the recent years)
  11. I tried searching on the CITES website and I felt like I was reading a different language altogether!

    I asked for a CITES last year, and got one. I don't have any information if it's no longer needed for ostrich. Poor birds, not important anymore? :P
  12. I purchased an ostrich wallet from H in 2007 that came with no Certificate of Origin. The bag I got before Christmas from H did. It just makes no sense to me! lol!
  13. ^^^

    Is that just for bringing these items into the US?
  14. ^^^^

    I guess it would not matter - if you take it out of the US with you, you would be bringing it back in when you returned :smile: