1. Just curious on what your feelings are on this bag..
    I had one when they first came out and LOVED IT and took it back 1 week later because there was another bag I REALLY WANTED at that time...

    I think I want this bag AGAIN lol..and I need a shoulder bag..

    BE HONEST.......I CAN TAKE IT:graucho:

  2. i like it

    very cute!
  3. I had that bag and it was cute but too bulky for me when worn on the shoulder!
  4. Ummm...not my favorite...
  5. not my cup of tea, but I'm sure it looks good on other people.
  6. I kind of like it. It is cute. But, the straps look kind of short to me and I wonder if that would make it high under your arm and then be a wide boxy type thing under your arm (especially with a coat) kwim?
  7. I haven't seen this bag IRL, so I can only judge by the picture.
    I don't know...can I say it's kind of plain? But, I didn't like the Chanel bowler when I first saw it, and it has grown on me. Now I think it's cute! This bag has the same shape as the bowler.
  8. I'd pass, not comfy looking and maybe to hard to get into.
  9. I haven't seen it in RL, but I like it :biggrin:
  10. It reminds me of the CC Bowler (the shape) also and I had one and MISS it so much..I LOVED my bowler but sold it to fund my Lefab;)

    I bought a speedy last week on ebay and the seller emailed me to tell me she had this bag and asked me if I wanted it before she put it on ebay...I think I will tell her YES ...Plus I just won a deauville 5 minutes ago ;) ...I must shut my computer off now :roflmfao:
  11. i've got the chanel cambon bowler - and yeah totally agree! this LV bag has the same shape.... i mean, i always say, if you LOVE it then get it! You had this bag once and you loved it and now you've come back for it... its like SO calling you!!!!! get it get it get it get!!! :flowers:
  12. How about Hudson PM?
  13. Umm I dont really like it.:yes::shame:
  14. Done Deal Helen.. I just paid her and I just paid for the deauville I won..Now I MUST be good...

    I really did like it the 1st time around LOL and I loved the style of the cc bowler so I think I made a wise choice...

    Thanks everyone:heart:
  15. I dont mind it.