Cirrus & Neverfull PM modelling pics!

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  1. Nice bags :wlae:
  2. thanks for sharing. U are same height with me..hehehhehhe
  3. I 'left' the LV forum for awhile and come back to the beautiful and feminine cirrus line!, so pretty! I love it and thanks for the size reference!
    Looks really great on you!!
  4. LOVE the Cirrus!!! :tup:

    How much does it hold inside? Does it get heavy?
  5. The leather is very light. So the bag gets as heavy as whatever you put in it ;)

    It fits everything I usually carry in my other bags....
    1 Novel
    2 mini pochettes
    1 french purse
    1 umbrella
    1 digicam + wide angle adapter
    1 phone
    1 pair of sunglasses

  6. You LOOK FAB:heart: I tried on the neverfull PM today and LOVE it .. I think the PM suits the style of the neverfull ... I did the T&B mini pochette and it so cute ... what are WE getting next:graucho:
  7. :heart:Thanks, twin. lol. Eyeing the black denim? ;)
  8. haha ME TOO:nuts: Although I am just waiting for the LoVe2 MM in khaki to arrive here:heart:
  9. Oh yeah, haha! I'm waiting for that too :nuts:
  10. you look so pretty with your bags!
  11. Thank you ! :flowers:
  12. Love your cirrus!! It is so adorable!
  13. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  14. very nice...congrats!!!