Cirrus & Neverfull PM modelling pics!

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  1. Both of them look so good on you...

    Anyway, I think the PM suits for handheld... :shrugs:
  2. Beautiful bags..gorgeous on you!!!
  3. I love the neverfull.
  4. Gorgeous gorgeous look great with that Cirrus!
  5. lovely, congrats!
  6. you look great in the pics!
  7. both bags look fab on you.
    thanks for the reference and congrats on your cles!
  8. the cirrus looks hot! I love!!! thanks!
  9. Both bags looks great on you
  10. Great pictures thank you. Congrats on the cles!

  11. chica,
    if your hips are wide, im have an ass like a bus.
  12. lol, thanks :smile:, but you know how it is with some clothes, they're designed to flatter the super slim :P

  13. love it.
  14. Haha, yes Matt, there's a white one in another part of the room somewhere too ;) And a giant white suhali lockit, whatever that's called :smile:

  15. You look so elegant in these pics! I want to find a cirrus now.