Cirrus & Neverfull PM modelling pics!

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  1. congrats!
  2. I love both bags on you!

    Thanks for posting the pics for us!
  3. Gorgeous bags!! You look great!!!!!
  4. you have great taste in bags! Love all of your collection. Are you using the cles for your keys or just to use as a little wallet?? Also, do you use your lvoe scarf on your bags or in your hair? I 'm considering both of those items. thanks much
  5. The Cirrus looks great on you!

    I looooooooooooooooooooove all of the RTW in the background!!! :drool: :love:
  6. I use my cles as a little wallet. I have too many keys, so I just use them on my Multicolour keyring and leave the charms dangling outside the mini pochette.

    I've only worn the bandeau once in my hair, hehe, cos I felt that it was drawing a bit too much attention to my head....strange as it may sound :P
  7. Do they sell those key charms at LV..if so how much? they are too cute
  8. I read in some other threads that they are gradually arriving in US/Canada...around 225 USD IIRC :smile:
  9. You look good with both bags
  10. :heart: Thanks everyone! *blows kisses* :yahoo:
  11. love your cirrus! it looks so good on you. so does the PM, now i really want that bag!
    i like your style too :tup:
  12. oh very pretty!
  13. the bag looks so beautiful on you! congrats
  14. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on your new cles
  15. Still confused lol. My cles is at home, I'll look at it today. You lift and twist? Is that what it is? I have my Chanel key pouch with me right now and I thought it didn't open. I JUST now figured out that it does LOL. Silly me!!!