Cirrus & Neverfull PM modelling pics!

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  1. Both bags look great on you. Thanks for modeling them.
  2. i love your style! :cool:

    the Cirrus is the only Cloud i really like :yes: congrats!
  3. both bags look gorgeous on you.
  4. get the neverfull, i think it looks perfect on you~~
  5. Goooo enabler! Thanks! :biggrin: I think the PM looks really cute, but I think I'll wait...too many on the to-get list, lol. Maybe I'll see it again when the call for the T&B pochette comes in :smile:

  6. This is such a stupid question, but how do you clip your cles on there? I can't seem to open it. =(
  7. SO pretty- the bags look great on you. Thanks for the pics
  8. thanks for posting :smile: great pic's.

    I thought they dont allow you to take pic's in Lv ?
  9. so am i~! looks lovely in those pics!

  11. I had to ask my SA too the first time I got a cles. Hope the pic helps :smile:


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  12. you look great in both bags!! definitely get the fits you perfectly!! :smile:
  13. You look fantastic with the Cirrus! it's gorgeous!
  14. The cirrus is just so so pretty!!! It looks great on you and with its little sis!!! Congrats xx
    I am loving the neverfull!
  15. Gorgeous!! Love the neverful on you & think you should have one. Your Cirrus is amazing!