Cirrus & Neverfull PM modelling pics!

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  2. you're standing right in front of the white skirt that i've been lusting after :nuts:!
  3. My SA called me to view the Neverfulls. I fell in love with the PM but I'm still considering it, cos although it fits everything that I carry, it would be kinda awkward to carry on the shoulder when full.

    P.S. - Didn't leave empty handed, got the Mini Lin Dune Cles I was eyeing. Loved the Suhali, but it was too tight a fit for the 3 cards plus cash.

    P.P.S. - One of my sweet SAs in the background in the 3rd pic, getting me a hot cup of tea for my cold. sooo sweet:smile:

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  4. lol! whatta coincidence! :biggrin: A pity my hips are a bit too wide to pull off that fluffy skirt :smile:
  5. Love both on you! Please post pics of that clés if you can!
  6. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting!!
  7. I am beginning to love the Cirrus more and more.... :love:
  8. So lovely! Thanks for sharing!
  9. ^OT... That was the first thing that came to my mind. "Looks like the skirt Sandra was talking about!"

    Orodruin! You look fabulous with the Cirrus!:love:
  10. Due to popular demand, ;) here's a pic of the cles! Goes well with the Cirrus too, hehe.


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  11. A pity my hips are a bit too wide to pull off that fluffy skirt :smile:[/quote]

    :wtf::wtf:Too wide??? You're just perfect!!:tup:
  12. :blush: Thanks for the sweet compliments! :heart:
    I hope the pics were helpful for appreciating the Cirrus more! :yes:
  13. You carry that Cirrus so well! It's so beautiful... :love:
  14. beautiful
  15. Your pics are lovely!
    You and your bags look so nice :smile: