Circumcision: to cut or not to cut?

  1. I thought I'd open up a thread on this topic, because I'd love to hear everyone's opinions. I'm not pregnant, but if I have a boy in the future I know I'll have to face this decision at some point.

    What are your thoughts on circumsizing baby boys?

    It seems to be "the norm" in the United States, but that doesn't necessarily make it right. For the parents out there, did you choose to have your son circumsized? Why or why not?
  2. I am sure you will be getting a variety of opinions here and no one is truly correct. It is a personal decision and you have to be at peace with your decision, no matter what it is.

    When speaking with my OB there was no question in her mind to have it done. When speaking with my ped, she told me there is a large increase in parents deciding not to have the procedure done in the more recent years. She told me she did not have the procedure done on her son. As he grew, he had so many issues and problems that she had to have him go in for the procedure when he was 8.

    There are countless reasons to have it and countless to not have have to see what is important to you. Best of Luck.

    BTW, I had a little girl.
  3. I dont have a son but if I do have one he will be circumcised. For one, I want him to be the same as his father. All the things I have read state that overall circumcision is a good idea. Less chance of infections (STD, Urinary) & easier to keep clean. I'm sure plenty of uncirumcised men do just fine, though. One thing that makes me want to cry is the procedure itself. OMG I heard it is just horrible to see your little baby go through it. :crybaby:
  4. i am having a boy and i will definitely have him done. but i am not going to be there to look at it. i cant bare to see my little angel going under the knife right after his birth..
  5. You are not suppose to watch from what everyone tells me.

    My OB said she never lets any of her parents watch. I can completely understand that. That is if you have it done in the hospital.
  6. Circumcision has been shown to reduce the transmission of HPV and HIV infection. While hopefully the latter won't be an issue for many, the former definitely will be! DH is from Europe, had it done as a 6 year old. He remembers it!!!! (going in, the healing, etc.,not the procedure itself). So we decided to have our son done.(Sorry if this is TMI!!!)
    However, it's a decision that parents have to make, along with all the others!
  7. I have a daughter, but if I eventually have a son, I will not have him circumcised. I view it as a cosmetic surgery, that is not necessary if one knows how to take care of and clean their son's penis properly.

    My husband is not circumcised, and he has never been ridiculed, made fun of, or denied by a woman because of his "intact" status, so that's not something I would worry about either.

    I have seen a circumcision done, and I would never want my child to go through something that horrible. If my baby wants to be circumcised, then they can do so at an age where they are able to make their own decisions.
  8. ITA leave it the way nature intended.
    my So isnt circumcised and neither have past partners, its never been done in the UK the way it is in the US unless its for religious reasons.
  9. Before this thread gets heated or out of hand (not that it will but this is controversial), please be respectful of everyone's choices.

    Although I am Jewish, I know many, many people that have chosen not to circ their sons. It is a very personal choice that should be up to the individual families. There are pro's both ways and con's both ways but overall there are more things in life to worry about than a circ'd or uncirc'd penis.

    My father & his brothers although Jewish, were actually not circ'd until they were older because they were born during WWII (1940's) in Hungary. My uncle said he always regretted not being circ'd for cultural reasons, so he had it done in early adulthood. It was interesting to hear his perspective on if it was painful, if there was a huge difference before & after, ect. i also had a chinese boyfriend that chose to be circ'd later in life and have dated men that were NOT circ'd.
  10. if I ever have a boy I would cut for sure.
  11. I 100% agree that this is NOT a reason to circ. There are also many, many US men that are not circ'd.

    I have ALSO been to many bris' (male circumcisions) and I would not describe it as horrible. The process is about 20 seconds long from start to finish and I have never heard a baby cry more than a couple seconds before falling right back to sleep or immediately breastfeeding. Of course a bris may be very different from a non-Jewish hospital circ.

  12. OMG!!! That sounds terrible for an 8 yo boy to have to go through.
  13. I'm Jewish and although I don't have a son, if I did, I would circumsize. I don't think we'd have a bris though. Dh isn't Jewish and he's circumsized as well, so he agrees that if we had a boy, we would do it. Moot point as we have one daughter and another on the way and then we're DONE!
  14. I've never been to a Bris, so I don't know how it works - but during one of my college classes we did watch videos of circumcision, and it just seemed so...cold. Those poor babies in the white tiled rooms, strapped to a a plastic mold in the shape of a baby. I felt sick and cried when I saw that...I can't stand to see a baby cry, it's hard enough for me when mine cries! :crybaby:

    It's a personal decision and I respect that, but circ-ing is not something that my husband and I would like to do :smile:
  15. NO WAY! I would not do it!