circuit city fire sale

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  1. who's going? any reports?
  2. Not sure but I'd love to take a ride and stock up on video games for the kids. Anyone know the % off??
  3. I've heard that when liquidators come in they usually hike up the prices about 10-20% but folks don't know any better and buy everything out. I'd wait a few weeks as the percentages off go up on some items.
  4. thats super helpful! thanks!
  5. All I know is that liquidation is going on now until the end of March.
  6. When the liquidators come in, the deals are terrible!
    They raise the prices back up to MSRP or even higher (they'll cover up the orig sticker with a higher one), and then mark down by 10-20% -- when normally CC might put things on sale 25%. No deals imho!

    Some interesting reading:

    There are plenty more articles on consumerist.... too many to list!

    Basically when I see that big yellow sign with black lettering "liquidation sale" I head in the other direction.
  7. I think I heard that it would start at 30% off and then increase from there. On their official site it says that they think the final sale will be March 2009.
  8. It may be 30% off at first, but you bet those liquidators will increase the original prices by 40% to cover the 30% off. IMO its not a good deal right now, wait it out.
  9. In PA it was only 10% off today. Nothing really spectacular. Liquidators apparently started last night.
  10. Yea. Wait as long as you can. Their "deals" won't be any better than the Sunday ad price at Best Buy. *Shrug* when Linens n' Things did their liquidation sale a few months back I walked into the store and an item that was "60% off" was actually more expensive than what I bought it for a Bed, Bath, and Beyond the week prior to. Rip off. Lol
  11. The signs outside said "up to" 30% off. No deal IMO.

    A local furniture store did a liquidation and the owners said the liquidators brought in lots of crappy stuff to sell.

    There were definitely no deals at Linens N Things, I agree.
  12. Wait it out. The deals you think you are finding, aren't really deals at all right now.
  13. When this happened to CompUSA all the good deals were well, well into the sale (maybe 2-3 weeks before actual store closing) and only on strange stuff (cables, fixtures, some media). None of the good stuff was ever marked down beyond a standard sale.
  14. they did the same "scam" at linens n things........ marked stuff way up and then "discounted" them.
  15. I guess the creditors and suppliers need to get paid- They are going bankrupt but debts still need to be cleared. Why they have to be sneaky and raise the prices first, I don't know.