circle of life pendant

  1. Does anyone have one? If so tell me about it? I am considering purchasing one. Can't decide on a good size and if I should purcase the one made by Robert Coin. Any advice thanks
  2. We almost got me one recenty instead of upgrading my diamond studs.
    Personally, I can't tell a difference between a Coin COL and a custom made one a jeweler offers unless I turn it ove.

    We almost got me a 3cttw one.
    I chose to upgrade because I realized after I decided to get one, everyone here was wearing it and I didn't like how common it seemed to be.
    It's REALLY beautiful, I still LOVE them!
  3. I have two of them. One is a 2 ct and the other is a 1 ct. The 2 ct is the size of a quarter and the 1 ct about the size of a nickel. I wore them all the time, first the one carat until I got the larger then I wore that one daily for months. I love both of them and still cannot decide which one I'm going to part with. I had them both custom made and even with that being done they were far less than going with a Robert Coin and the stones were better quality.
    I think they are gorgeous and need to start wearing one of mine again.
  4. thank you for yourn thoughts. Do you feel that the Robert Coin ones are more expensive becuase he is a designer. I do love the ruby signature on the back thought.
    I agree the circle of life if just beautiful! I realize that I see more of them every day but it is still so pretty I need to purchase one, thanks
  5. Yes, the Coin will be pricier for the name:yes:
  6. I really like the look of these pendants and would love to get one! Noone here wears them and my son's name starts with "O" so the shape is kind of special to me.

    Il*baco - have you thought about joining them so that one hangs inside the other?

  7. I never thought about that!! I'll have to see if that would work! They were both done by the same jeweler and the look is exactly the same so they could potentially work together. Thanks for the suggestion.