Cinzia Moniaci

  1. I like the colors and they look nice and roomy! Are they made of leather? They look similar to Balenciaga's. Where are these made? The line name sounds cool.
  2. real leather. they look so soft. I found them on
  3. These bags are by Moni Moni...Do a thread search to find other posts. If I remember correctly someone got one and did not like the way they were made. They do look nice though...Check out the hayden-hartnett mercer satchel - people love it!
  4. Can you wear the top one on your shoulder? I prefer that one!
  5. actually Moni Moni is the style name. I also looked at the hayden harnetts but the only one I really liked was too big. I pre-ordered the white moni moni (ships 4/30) and if it sucks I guess I can always return it.
    keeping my fingers crossed.

    Swankymama: yes the top one also comes with a shoulder strap.