Cinzia is 1 Year Old!

  1. Just wanted to share our puppy is now 1 years old. She passed Puppy Kindergarten and training in our home. She is sweet and protective and loves the girls. We have learned a great deal about dogs this past year.

    Anyone have unbreakable dog toys...suggestions welcome!! Cane Corsos have very strong jaws! This Jolly Ball is her birthday gift. :smile:
  2. She is so beautiful!
  3. Thank you!! :smile:
  4. She is adorable! Will she get much bigger?
  5. I think she will get to be about 70 lbs. She has always gained slow and steady. Corsos grow up to about 2 years of age. Her brother is 115 and one of her sisters is 85. She was middle of the pack in size but just grew slower. She is the perfect size for us though!!