Cinnamon vs. Muscade (Nutmeg) Paddy

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  1. Can someone tell me what's the difference between Cinnamon and Muscade Paddy colors? has a cinnamon paddy that I'm interested in.
  2. Oh, and I forgot to say, I like the muscade color much better, though I have never seen it IRL.

  3. Thanks for the input. Maybe I'll order the Muscade from NAP instead.
  4. I've seen the Muscade IRL and is gorgeous!! Is such a rich colour and the leather is so soft!!! TDF!!!
  5. Muscade :love:

  6. the muscade is just :drool: :drool: . I can't stop drooling over mine. I dressed up and took it for a walk today...
  7. I start liking muscade more and more!
  8. Hmmm...I've never seen cinnamon before but it looks very nice :yes: Pinkish undertone? :heart: Good alternative to my ever so brown bags :smile:
  9. cinnamon/cannelle is so pretty in real life. its nicer than the photos look, the colour has a bit of depth. of course I still prefer muscade, but it is a nice alternative for a lighter colour :smile:
  10. I prefer muscade because is a rich color, but I like also cannelle..I agree with TwistedEmily: it's a nice alternative..
  11. You all must think I'm nuts :nuts: b/c I had written earlier that I didn't like the cinnamon/cannelle color, but I bought it off Bluefly in the classic medium paddy, and it's gorgeous! :yes: I got the muscade from NAP and it's stunning too, no undertones, pure rich brown. BUT! The cannelle is really a color that grows on you! :p I don't happen to like the hobo from '07. I have two large paddy hobos from '05, the brown and the khaki and the newer ones just don't make it for I have not opted for it. But in the medium classic paddy the cannelle is really lovely. I think liking the color for me, depends a lot on the style of the bag. If I love the style, I'm open to lots of colors! :yahoo:
  12. beanie has a really good point. It's how the color and the style work together. Maybe the hobo is just not a good style for the cinnamon color.