Cinnamon SGH brief or Plomb SGH brief?


Which color brief?

  1. Cinnamon w/ SGH

  2. Plomb w/ SGH

  3. Sell your soul cause its impossible to choose

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I can't decide between the two. I love the mohagony-tones of the cinnamon and think the SGH looks amazing with it, but I also like the plomb and think it might look really edgy in the brief shape with the SGH. So, not being able to see these bags in person, what do you guys think would be the best style/color combination?
  2. I am loving the mogano too!!
  3. plomb for me
  4. Just bought the Plomb SGH brief, I will post pictures when it arrives.
  5. PLOMB and thats a no brainer, cinnamon is just a new name for dark warm toned dark brown, available every season. Go for plomb!!!
  6. Another vote for Plomb! I had mine for a week and the leather of this Fall is TDF.. Good luck on deciding!
  7. My vote goes to Plomb as well as i prefer that color than cinnamon!
  8. I Say Plomb too, though the leather on the Cinnamon looks so delicious... :yes:
  9. Plomb, for me, since it's a color that's ever so slightly different from what's offered yearly...
  10. Plomb with SGH.......definitely edgier!
  11. I dont really like either colours but I would get Plomb as someone pointed out brown is produced every season!
  12. Others have raised a good point about the availability of the magano color in almost every season. I really love the red undertones of the cinnamon. The plomb is beautiful, but I worry whether it would ultimately look like a faded black bag. Hopefully, as more picture filter in, I will be able to tell its true color.
  13. I love the combination of plomb with SGH. I'd go for that!
  14. Cinnamon - it's a great color, and I think it's quite different from the other browns, more reds in it. Very 70's!
  15. I've only seen cinnamon IRL and it was so rich and yummy looking but I want to see plomb!!!