Cinnamon Parker hippie needs company...

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  1. So I just splurged on a parker hippie convertable in cinnamon and put myself on ban.... but I realized that NONE of my wallets go with it well... I have a black leather soho wallet (silver hardware) a chelsea pebbled leather multi-function wallet in the mineral (teal blue with brass hardware) a green patent zoe wallet and the small black patent gramercy wallet. Does one of those go with the rose gold and cinnamon of my parker hippie and I just don't see it? Or should I spring for a new wallet and ban myself for like.... ever? lol....

    Help me night owls! You're my only hope!
  2. Well, TBH I'm not a matchy person when it comes to wallets and bags so I say any of those go :tup: Now, when it comes to bags and outfits...that's a totally different story, lol.
  3. Ahhh I like my wallets to match sometimes, and sometimes not. I like to coordinate my purse to my outfit though. I just worry that none of my wallets will look good with the shimmery leather of the cinnamon. You know? (And what does KWIM mean??? lol)
  4. If you are really worried, go with a neutral like your black one...or you can always go buy the matching wallet since the set would look gorgey :yes:

    KWIM = know what I mean :smile:
  5. I have been drooling over the small parker wallet >_> but... ban.... *Cry* lol I'll try the black one and if I don't like it I'm going to kick myself and buy the parker wallet.

    NOW KWIM makes sense! hah!
  6. I use wristlets instead of wallets for my small bags. I can coordinate the color with the color of the bag, and they dont take up a lot of room.
  7. Theres a wristlet that matches this bag its only $78.
  8. Do I spy a Star Wars reference?? "Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope!"

    Anyway... Do you have the bag yet or are you waiting for it to arrive? If you're waiting for it, I say wait until you get it and see how the wallets you have look. Then if you don't like any of them together, you can splurge on a new wallet. Let us know what you decide!
  9. Yes, I love Stars Wars. So glad you got the reference ^_^

    I've got the bag :P And I don't think the black soho leather will go with it because it has silver hardware. I'll take pictures with each wallet next to/on top of the hippie and maybe that will help. I really shouldn't splurge on a new wallet and I bet the bf and my family that I could go 6 months without purchasing anything Coach :shocked: But I love love love the parker small wallet with the pleating and turnlock >_<
  10. Isn't the wallet only $118? I remember most of the wallets priced at $250+ a long time ago. I was wondering how come the prices were lowered. $118 seems almost a steal. You could always wait a month or so. It seems that collections are going to the outlet pretty fast. I think this collection came out late spring.
  11. Yes, the small wallet I want is only $118 (I can sense my bf having a heart attack at the words "only $118" haha.) But I have horrible luck at the outlets, so that's why I'm leery about waiting that long.

    @maryg: I like using wristlets in my bag for other items, but if I use them as wallets, things get lost lol, so I try to avoid that