Cinnamon or Sienna???? Please help!!!

  1. I'm hesitated b/t these two colors:confused1:.

    Do u think Sienna is similar to Whisky (Chloe) and Cinnamon is close to Moka (Chloe)?

    I've got whisky edith and is going to buy quilted bay in moka (fall 07). So, i'm really contemplating whether i should buy Sienna or Cinnamon, as both colors are so yummy IMO:drool:.

    Please help me outttttttttttttt!!!:p

  2. i'm trying to decide between the two also. need to see pics of the sienna! So far I'm leaning towards that one.. Does anybody have any sienna pics other than the AR one? (they are hard to tell by)
  3. Here's one:tup:

  4. That looks really pretty! Was that a picture from BalNY? Why are so many people saying they don't like this color...anyone who has seen it in person care to elaborate?
  5. No this isn't from balny.
    I ordered this and seller sent me photos for approval before finalizing transaction.
    I'll post some more
  6. sienna1.jpg


  7. That's beautiful! The other pics are making this color look awful and dead and it is NOT, if it looks like this.

    It also does not look that close to Chloe Whiskey, which is a lot more orangeish.
  8. I love this color. Haven't seen it in real life but it looks so pretty.
  9. I'm wonder the same thing. So many people have said that they don't like Sienna when they see it in person, but I think it looks lovely from the pictures. It reminds me of a well worn saddle (that's a good thing :yes:).
  10. yeay! wow! thanks so much for those gina! I'm loving it! are you? are you going to get the bag?I agree about the saddle thing chuggie :smile:
  11. mameaw, I'm trying to decide between these two colors as well!! I initially went with cinnamon after the swatches came out, but later decided I liked sienna more after I saw a pic of a clutch ally had posted.
    After seeing a few pics of sienna that people had posted earlier in the week, I was a bit disappointed in the color. It seemed to have a bit of an orange tint to it, and looked nothing like the color on the clutch as I had envisioned it. :sad:
    I actually waitlisted at BalNY for the sienna, and requested a pic of it. Here's one that I just got:


    rollergirl - is the color pretty accurate in the pic?? I haven't seen it yet IRL.

    gro - Congrats on your sienna!
  12. gorgeous!

  13. I think this color is gorgeous and it's really growing on me. I need another bag like I need a hole in my head!:cursing:
  14. That's a really pretty, earthy colour. Great for Fall and it would look really good with black!
  15. i have seen Sienna in person and i thought it was gorgeous... someone else described it perfectly by coomparing it to a saddle, really vintage-looking and earthy. even though i am NOT in the market for a brown bag, i am really tempted.