Cinnamon Day in french??

  1. Hi!
    I'm considering ordering a Cinnamon GGH Day at BalParis.
    But what is the french name for this color:confused1:?
    Hope anybody can help?
  2. Why don't you ask for Nathalie. She speaks English fluently.:tup: I just ordered from her and she is so sweet.:yes:
    Also try Mogano but i am not sure if it is French.
  3. Nanaz-curious...what did you order? I love my sandstone day...remember that worldwide search? Taught me a lesson, now I jump on anything if it is availble, wont wait again and have to that again!
  4. I think they call it mogano or something (like mahogany).
  5. Hi girlie.:heart: Oh i remember that worldwide search.:yes: I learned my lesson too.:tup: I ordered the GSH Steel PT that i could not resist and my poor Sandstone needs to be sacrifised now.:crybaby: I should have it by Friday.:graucho:I can't wait.:yahoo: I had to have it after seeing Cracker's pics, even though hers is w/GH but mine is with SH. Are you getting any thing from them?
  6. Can you teel me a bit about the ordering procedure?
    I'm a novice in this, unfortunately...:wondering
  7. Nanaz- I bought a violet work with SGH and a jaune day RH but have not received it yet since I am travelling I had them hold shipping it. I love my sandstone. I bought a Vert Gazon GH day from them as well in the summer, that one may have to go up for adoption, not sure! I love steel, cant wait to see your pics!

    Liz1875-Its all very easy. Call Bal paris, tell them what you want, if they have it, they will fax you a form to fill out with your credit card info etc, you fax it back and then they ship the item to you. They are very nice and very easy to work with. I prefer Bal Paris to the NYC store.
  8. I am getting mine by Friday and it was shipped with DHL.:yahoo: You are absolutely right they are wonderful and easy to work with.:yes: I am keeping the Sandstone and i can't wait to see my Steel PT either.:wlae: