CINNAMON Blake and Multipocket!

  1. I was in my local Saks and saw they had these two bags - a new color!
    And it's so pretty - like the Brick Red color....anyone see these recently?
    I thought the color was TDF:drool:
  2. it was similar brick red? that is the most glorious thing i have heard in a long time. i hope it comes in other styles like the stam or the venetia! i could even go for a large mp in this color. i can't wait to see it!!
  3. I just saw these too at Saks! i thought in the lighting Cinnamon resembled closer to a brownish /brick color (although I am not very familiar with Brick Red). Very lovely but I am still hung up on Bordeaux :sad: Keep ur eye on Cinnamon- u should get it !
  4. I LOVE color! Does it come in anything other than the Blake? A Venetia would be awesome.
  5. ^^A venetia would be fantastic, can't help but love that bag!!
  6. Is the color orange-y IRL???
  7. I don't see it in the Venetia, but did you see the 'restyled' Venetia on NM?
    This is in the color Putty:
  8. [​IMG]

    looks a little darker than my rust venetia
  9. i can't stop thinking about this color now! i really hope it's not too brown or too orange and that it will be available in the large mp. i want to see the new bags so badly. i'm about to burst!
  10. It's a pretty color...I saw it at Saks the day after Christmas when I went for some exchanges (and hoping to find an MJ but there was NONE :tdown:) and I would liken it to a darker peanut. Very pretty!!! But like Coach Superfan, I am still in hot pursuit of the blake...*sigh*
  11. Oh, I love it. It's rich like the Bordeaux but lighter in color. Would it be wrong of me to get one of these in addition to the Bordeaux? LOVE it... :drool:
  12. I went to Saks today to see the Blake IRL. It is very nice. Like a rich-cognac. I am still in pursuit of the Bordeaux Blake. Also saw a Black and Grey Blake.