Cinna Wishes she had one too..............

  1. [​IMG]


    Balenciaga should make a dog carrier!
  2. Oh... that is too cute!! Look how tiny she is!! :smile:
  3. Oh, what a cutie pie!!!
  4. Cute!!
  5. Your pup is such a cutie pie!!!:tender:
  6. That little nose!!!
  7. Oh how cute!!!!! Is she a shih-tzu? I can't tell for sure, but she is adorable anyhow!!
  8. Yes, she is a 8 week old 2 lb shih tzu :yes:
  9. cutie pie!!
  10. I thought so! lol I have 5 shih-tzu's(they range from 6 to 1 year)! I actually just bred one for the first time, and I cried letting her pups go, but they all went to very loving families (including one to my mama, so I get to see him). Enjoy her, they are my favorite!
  11. Too cute!
  12. Aww that is so cute!!
  13. Awww, your puppy is too cute!! I think you should buy her a Bbag!:p
  14. I adore your puppy, she looks like a living stuffed animal, give her a hug for me! Perhaps she could use a mini coin purse, for treats!!!!
  15. soooooo cute!