Cingular customers ( new feature)


    Cingular has answer tones now, similiar to verizons ring back
    the site is finally available now

    I have been using answer tones for the last month ( i had an inside connect tell me about it ) or so and its pretty cool. Some entertainment for your callers ;)
  2. What is it ??
  3. When someone calls you , instead of the normal ring ring ring .......they hear music
  4. Cool!!! Now if I can just find a teenager to program my phone! Hey they also now have the new Razor phones in Pink! Not the Magenta that T-Mobile has but a lighter pink.
  5. Yeah i seen that , i was thinking about getting one
  6. I'll have to go get some. I have the annoying cingular ring tone and my friends HATE it, as do I!
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