**Cingular/AT&T cellphone subscribers please READ ME!

  1. i was helping my mom ask about the extra charges she just noticed on her bill this month

    when i called cingular/at&t they looked back into the statement as well and saw that there were $5.95 charges that came from an international plan which apparently, they couldn't find anyone signing up for!

    of course the lady reversed the charges and apologized on behalf of cingular/at&t right away.

    i strongly urge those of you who subscribe to their cellphone service to double check your bills to see if there were any increased charges...or for those who auto pay, definitely check the amounts being withdrawn from your checking account!
  2. Do a search of Cingular and read my story about them. They are horrible.
  3. Ugh I know, Cingular is terrible. We've been with them for about 6 or 7 years now and they charge you for every little thing. Then when you call about something, you sit on hold for so long. :cursing:
  4. WOW how scary!!
  5. I'm sure I've posted mine too. Short version, 10 plus years of paying the "equipment insurance," phone dies, they tell me I am eligible to purchase a new phone, AND pay an additional fee for service, so the money we had paid them all that time was basically considered a gift to the Cingular company.

    You could say that they stole it, but only if you had more money than we have and could pay a lawyer to say it on paper.
  6. ATT does that to their land lines also. I now make it a point to go over my bill with a fine tooth comb.
  7. Thank God for Verizon!

    I use to have AT&T I hated it!
  8. my brother/sis-in-law have cingular... i don't think they look over any of their bills very carefully, so i'll be sure to let them know.

    i've been with t-mobile with almost 4 years now... and sprint before that. no problems with t-mobile here so far
  9. wow thanks for the heads up.

  10. Go big red:yahoo:
  11. they are pretty bad! i got charged with a $5 late fee for like 2-3 days late...tmobile never did that
  12. thanks for tne notice!!!
  13. Also, be sure to check your mom's statement next month to verify that they did credit her account back those charges. From personal experience and a lot of my friends, Cingular always tells you they'll reverse the charges, but it never shows up on the statements...usually it takes 2-3 more phone calls before you get your money back!

  14. So have I and for the last three months my bills have been ridiculous, I recently got a new phone and it did'nt work properly so they sent a 2nd one that did'nt work either, hubby took me to a Cingular store to return both and they gave me a new one and it works, but the SA told us that if I don't sign up for an internet package at about $30 month :wtf: when I use the net on my phone it could cost me $20 for five minutes :cursing:
    My husband couldn't believe it he has Nextel and said his internet is like $5 a month. Bad thing about this is when I ordered the new phone they didn't mention any of this to me :cursing:
  15. Thanks I will check my next bill