Cindy's Still A Super Model

  1. Cindy Crawford attended the opening of the Omega Boutique in Sydney yesterday. The supermodel is the spokesperson for the brand and even though the life of a supermodel is very different these days, Cindy says she's more confident of her body than ever:
    "I think I am happier with my body now because I am less judgmental of all women, including myself, I have more self confidence. I appreciate my body for all that it has done - most importantly, giving birth to two children."

    She looks stunning!
    Cindy1.jpg Cindy2.jpg Cindy3.jpg Cindy4.jpg Cindy5.jpg
  2. She looks very pretty. I really like her dress.
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. she's Gorgeous!
    How old is she now? 40 really is the new 30.
  5. She looks fabby :smile:
  6. fabulous as always...go Cindy go!!!
  7. She looks great and I really love how she ages gracefully!! It's really refreshing to see that. Her dress is stunning as well!
  8. She looks gorgeous. I always liked her, she seemed so down to earth.
  9. She's more stunning now than she was 20 years ago!
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  10. I love her face. Not her body...she looks like a man.
  11. I'm not liking the lip filler on her. She looked better before.
  12. I think she looks great !
  13. That woman is as gorgeous at (whatever age she is) as she was at 20. I LOVED her in Jr. High. My friend and I would buy any magazine she was on or in.
  14. yeah she looks great
  15. I've never been a fan of hers but she does look great!:yes:
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