Cindy Crawford in a bikini - post 40 and 2 births!

  1. She still looks great! I wish my breasts looked like that after having kids lol. Mine are looking too droopy after having three kids haha.
  2. she looks fantastic! i would LOVE to look that good at that age, after kids.
  3. Is this really her body? Perhaps altered by some sneaky person?
    I am not sold on these pics.
  4. yes, could totally be photoshopped since the rest of the body looks very good.
  5. wow...she is totally incredible! Still an icon and always will be!!
  6. Chopped pic. Recently she had a completely FLAT tummy. That doesn't happen overnight. Either way, she is stunning
  7. Stretch marks are a badge of honor so she is normal like all of us mothers. Who cares!!! Rock that bikini girl!!!
  8. Don't know if it's photoshopped or not, but regardless she looks great... as always!
  9. Yeah I don't think its real either. I've seen pics of her on holiday recently and she looks amazing, her tummy is flat!
  10. are you kidding me?

    If I look that good when I get 40, I would have to beat off the 16 year old boys with a stick.

    and whats the big deal with the tummy? her figure looks great!! If I was her, I would walk down the street in hip huggers and a tank top to get the fashion critics red in the face!!

    If that was phototshopped, shame on that Hater who was so jealous of her body that they stopped to lows to make her look different.
  11. She looks amazing. These fake pictures would still make her look good after two kids and in her forties! She's human, not a plastic Barbie.
  12. Thanks for the clarification, photoshopping is so cruel b/c pics "used to be so real" I thought she looked great with the tummy but I guess it makes sense that she would still be toned. Thank goodness giving birth doesn't have to change us so much, LOL.
  13. ITA! I hope to look that toned after 2 kids post 40! Her arms and legs definitely look better than me NOW sans kids only 31!!!