Cindy Crawford Admits Cosmetic Procedures

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    Hollywood Rag - Celebrity Ragazine
    Friday, August 25, 2006
    Cindy Crawford Admits Cosmetic Procedures

    Cindy Crawford has confessed to having Botox and collagen injections.

    The model, who turned 40 this year, has admitted she owes her flawless skin to a cosmetic surgeon she has been seeing since she was 29.

    Crawford told Gala magazine: "I owe the quality of my skin to my cosmetic surgeon. I'm not going to lie to myself, past a certain age, creams work on the texture of your skin but, in order to restore elasticity, all I can really count on is vitamin injections, Botox and collagen."

    The supermodel once claimed she kept her skin in good condition with a "miracle mixture" of ground coffee and olive oil.
    She now claims she has a different beauty regime.

    She revealed: "I have a very simple, healthy life, which works miracles. I drink a lot of water, watch what I eat and exercise."
  2. She's still admirable.
    Especially for being so candid about it and making other women realize even she's not perfect, she has help!
  3. Good for her!!! Im a big fan of all these things...why not???
  4. Agree. =)
  5. I love her! I really admire that she is healthy, unlike emaciated supermodels who have no muscle tone and seem like they are about to drop dead on the runway...
  6. I appreciate her honesty. Seeing her all the time in those "Rooms to Go" commercials remind me of how beautiful she really is.
  7. nice that she is so honest. I hope she doesn't "tweak" herself too much, tho. she'd be pretty without any help at all.
  8. I don't think she has as much done as other people have (cosmetic procedure wise). She's so pretty for her age.
  9. I really like her too. I love the fact that she decided not to remove her mole like everyone told her to and that is what made her so famous. Good for her for keeping it real!
  10. Most wrinkle-free stars/models deny having Botox and collagen injections. Teri Hatcher admits getting help in the past as well.
  11. Ooooh I sure could use the number of her doctor once I hit 29 ! :graucho:
  12. I feel like I am screwwed, I have not started any cosmetic surgery and I am not going to for the next year, I 'm 35. You kinow what? She is nuts. At 29??:wacko: ?sheesh. I can't deal.
  13. Like everyone has said, I really do appreicate her honesty. Most celebs just deny it.
  14. I don't know. I don't get this whole cosmetic surgery craze.:shrugs: Whatever happened to aging gracefully? My granny is turning 90 next year and when I look at her I see nothing but a BEAUTIFUL woman!!!:tender:I want to be just like her when I grow up!!!:yes:
  15. at least she admits it. every other celeb won't.