Cindy Chao - The Art Jewel

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  1. Has anyone heard of jeweler Cindy Chao? I recently noticed her since Bergdorf is featuring a special collection by her. I googled her and WOWZA, her pieces are some of the most exquisite and beautiful jewelry creations I've ever seen.

    One of her pieces was also recently inducted into the National Museum of Natural History.


    source: jewelsnob, couturesnob
  2. I love Cindy Chao! She's very popular in Asia now, especially Hong Kong and Taiwan. Waitlist for a customised jewellery runs up to 2 years, I heard.
  3. i've seen articles on her work, its amazing!!
  4. I checked out one of her lines at Bergdorf the other week; loved the pave bracelets in the shape of twigs / branches. Breathtaking.

    I've only seen pictures of her other work. While I admire the high level craftsmanship, her designs are a tad too "complicated" for my taste. But again, just a matter of my personal taste - I tend to gravitate towards classic, symmetric jewelry.