Cinderella Hair Extentions

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  1. I've been debating getting Cinderalla Hair extentions for a while now... but I am undecided. Has anyone tried them before? Or know anything that will help me decide...
  2. Sorry, but what are Cinderella extensions?!?!? Sounds neat...
  3. It's just the brand of the hair extention. The hair comes in individual strands and are like fused into your natural hair ...
  4. I got "Great Lengths" extensions back in December and I absolutely LOVE them! I have had "weft" extensions before where you can either glue or sew them in and they only lasted like 2 weeks in my hair. The fusion extensions are really like your own hair, I go to the beach, pool, shower, have had my hair done multiple times for weddings, ect. The only thing I didn't consider was the parts that are fused may be noticed when your hair is in a pony tail but if your careful you can cover it up nicely. Also, now that I am in my 4th month with extensions they are starting to grow out and I have to be very careful that they dont tangle up while I sleep--as long as you seperate them in the mornings you will be fine. I am thinking to leave mine in for another 2 months. My hairstylist said I'd be fine so why not? :smile: If you have any other questions feel free to ask. :smile:
  5. I heard of great lengths, im thinking of getting extensions put in my hair after i got a perm from hell and havin to cut off most of my damaged hair.. i miss my long hair::sad: ...what is the avg price for like 20-25 inch hair? and is it glued or sewn in?
  6. if you hair is already damaged, I's suggest nursing your hair back to health. Because extension can WRECK HAVOC on your hair. They are kertain tips that are bonded (a fancy word for glued) to the hair at the root.
    I've got a friend who had beautiful hair to start with, she just wanted some fullness and highlight. After having them for a little over a month, she got them taken out and at the time of removal, she saw tons of her hair attached to the removed hair:cursing: . It wasn't until she got home and took a close look in the mirror, that she saw her hair was very, very thinned out - all over! She so regrets, getting them now.
  7. I really dont know how much for 20-25" I had 18" put in paid about $1200 for them... They go by length and how many bundles you need for your hair so I'm guessing maybe like $1500 I dont know though just guesstimating..
  8. A girl I know works in a salon and had them in and they looked really nice.. but they weren't really long. She suggested I get 16". My hair is like 12" naturally(she measured) but i want them to look natural so i would want to get them like layered? i guess?
  9. I get them, There the best I think.:smile:
  10. I have had hair dreams fusion megahair fusion and sew ins and my vote is for the sew in. It is also a lot cheaper. Just buy your hair. I use Bohyme. It is just as good as the fusion hair. It may not last as long as the fusion if you have straight slippery hair but the stylist can braid a little bit of synthetic in with it to make it last longer.

    This method is far more gentle on your hair. Fusion can cause thinning of your real hair . It did for me and lots of people I know. The glue is attached to your own hair and the extension hair. Your hair naturally sheds and after a few months you have lost a significant amount of your hair too shedding. This creates and uneven weight distribution on your hair because you have less hair holding your extension hair and this pulls out your healthy hairs. If A STYLIST SAYS YOU CAN LEAVE THEM IN 6 MONTHS RUN FROM THAT SALON! That is just a way to justify the price. You would have considerable thinning from the root pull after that amount of time plus you are more likely to pull them out brushing since the bond will be a lot lower from the scalp becuase of hair growth.

    Fusion is also removed with alcohol and acetone based removers . Horrible for your hair.

    I had a more natural look with the sew in becuase it was fuller and less stringy looking. I could never get the fusion to blend right unless I curled it.

    It was so hard to style the fusion since you have to use only 1 kind of special brush and heat appliances can melt them. I also had little bonds showing when the wind blew. lol.

    If you have any more questions let me know. I have been a member of several extensions boards for a while and have had all types of extensions. Here is a collection of my extension pics also if interested
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