Cinderella Hair Extensions "Before & After" Take a peek!

  1. OK. I decided to get hair extensions. :nuts: My hair stylist used 4 bags of Cinderella hair. It took 2 hours to do, with the help of her assistant. Here's the before & after. They do take some getting used to, and require maintenance & pampering.



  2. Ooooooh, it looks so good! Very natural. I really like it!
  3. Nice!! What a change. I really like how they blend in with your "real" hair. I wouldn't be able to tell they're extensions if you hadn't mentioned it. Congrats! You look lovely.
  4. Thank you Missmustard & LV-lover. ;)
  5. Kathy!
    When did you cut your hair, like the 1st pic?
    It was longer last time I saw you I think{?}

    It looks great! How are you?
  6. What exactly is "Cinderella hair?"

    I think your hair looks fabulous but I also think your original hair is fabulous! :yes:
  7. Very pretty! I love the style too!
  8. I think it looks fabulous!
  9. I think it's pretty.
  10. very nice hair (both before&after) and love your top!
  11. Hey Swanky! I cut my hair around 5 or 6 inches in March. I liked it at first, but later regreted it. I have been under the weather lately with a frozen shoulder, so I thought the extensions might be easier to do my hair. lol. I hope we can meet for lunch & shopping this summer. :yes:
  12. It's just a brand of extensions.
  13. looks great! It really looks like it's your real hair.
  14. Gorgeous!
    I wish I had lustrous locks like yours.
  15. It looks wonderful. Very thick and natural. :smile: