Cilantro: love it or hate it?

  1. I just LOVE Cilantro and my DH hates it. He says it tastes "soapy" to him. I have found out that a lot of people feel the same way as he does - they almost gag when they eat it.

    So love it or hate it? And PS why do avacodos have to have so many calories for a vegetable? Whenever I think of cilantro I think of guacamole!

  2. OMG YES!! Cilantro tastes exactly like soap to me. For the longest time I thought they were properly washing off the plates at Chili's because I could taste dish soap in my chicken tacos, and then I learned that was cilantro.:yucky:

    When I make guac, I leave the cilantro out!!
  3. I love cilantro in salsa and salad but hate it in soups. It does taste soapy in the soup.
  4. Soap? lol. I've never thought it tasted like soap. Weird. I don't mind cilantro at all.
  5. I HATE actually reminds me of mint..something I also can't stand
  6. I love cilantro!!!! I even put it in my salad and chix noodle soup, and as a garnish for a lot of dishes I make!
  7. Hahahah I can't believe this is a post.... because lemme tell you how much I HATE CILANTRO!!! I can always taste it in anything!! I think it tastes like metal... yucko!!! none for me!
  8. Hate it!!! It gives me shivers :push:
  9. icky.. just thinking about it makes me hate no thanks!
  10. OMG - I can't believe the reaction people have to cilantro but that is exactly what my husband says. We'll be eating out somewhere and he can tell immediately if there is Cilantro in the dish. He is like Tom Hanks in the movie BIG trying to wipe his mouth out - too funny.

    So I guess he isn't crazy because other people have commented on the "soapy" taste.
  11. I HATE it-cannot stand the taste of it at all-think it tastes AWFUL! I hate when I go to a restaurant and the dish sounds good and then it says 'with cilantro" :throwup: Won't go near it!
  12. I LOVE cilantro with just about anything!!!
  13. i loooooooove cilantro! in soup, in salsa, salads, guacamole!! yum yum yum! as for avacadoes, i know, they are quite fattening. i dont concern myself with that though cuz its not something i eat everyday! :biggrin: and even if its in a sandwich when i order out, i always ask for 1/2 the amount, so its end up being like 1/6th of an avadcado and i still get the texture and flavour. yum. now i am hungry.
  14. I absolutely love cilantro. You can't properly make salsa or tortilla soup without it.
  15. LOVE cilantro, I'll eat it in big bushes.. when I used to live overseas I'd make my way down to the corner veggie stand daily and purchase a bunch.
    Now that would be pretty normal if I was going to cook with it for my family but I was living alone and eating it just like that in one sitting.
    I heard it's healthy and fights against salmonella, these types of greens eaten raw are good for the teeth, my grandma eats them regularly and her teeth are amazing!