Ciggy watersnake clutch

  1. it's fantastic:nuts:! Please, some "real life" pictures asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool:
  2. I love it!!!!! I just got the same watersnake pump yesterday but the local store JC butiques doesn't the clutch yet. I saw this same clutch on net porter and tempted to buy it!:drool::drool::drool:
  3. It's fabulous. I love watersnake.
  4. This is another one I absolutely love, but have hesitated against purchasing it due to the whole customs problem:cursing:
  5. The customs problem!?! Robyn, I remember you and another poster had a customs hold up.

    What was the story? Did they open the box and see snake? Or did the airbill indicate snake? I'm just wondering how customs got their grubby hands on it. Are there snake sniffing dogs?

    When I got my electric blue Maddy (no snakey) the box had not been opened and it was accompanied by the statement that indicated all duties were pre-paid.

    And BTW - the Ciggy clutch in black watersnake is FAB :drool: !
  6. I like it! If you get it you must post pics.
  7. Is that a clutch or a wallet? It looks awfully small, but oh so hot!!!
  8. It indicates on the airbill - "Wildlife" - and customs does open the box .... lots lots of times.... when i pick up my ramona the box was not even holding that much and it had been taped who knows how many freaking times .....i dont undesrtand why they do that ... i think they are expecting to find a real snake ... although people do try to send snakes thru mail well thats what the dhl guy told me....
  9. Love it.
  10. I also had Customs problems, Robyn and I both had bags held up at the same time. I was lucky though, if you could call it bag was "only" held up a week while Robyn's was held up for about a month I believe. Also, my box wasn't opened or tampered with in any way....that was the FIRST thing I checked for when I finally received my package. I don't think I would have been OK with my pricey bag having been groped by who knows how many people! :yucky: Maybe my bag came through with enough others that only a few boxes were opened and then the rest were able to pass through unopened because they knew what was inside them?

    In the end though, my relatively short wait was worth it. I got the burgundy biker Riki with watersnake trim and I absolutely LOVE it! In hindsight, as frustrating as the whole Customs thing is, I would do it again. And if necessary I would wait as long as it took to get a bag I truly loved....especially at 50% off which is what I got my bag for! I would, however, complain about the Customs hold up the entire time just as I did the first time! :rant::cursing::censor::mad:
  11. Fabulous - would love one myself. Congrats.
  12. Jburgh

    Here are the 4 chapters in reference to the Customs problems:cursing:

    Be sure to get :popcorn::drinks: before you sit down for the saga.

    It is pretty humorous now, but at the time.... I was NOT laughing:rant: I was VERY grateful to have all my fellow Choo Buddies support and humor to help me make it through the ordeal:heart:

  13. Your Ciggy clutch is beautiful. Congratulations. I have my eye on the muted gold suede one. Can you fit a lot in it? V