Cigarette case, used as sidekick case, my son's idea

  1. Well the credit for the awesome idea goes to my oldest son (18), who is also a LV nut (he is slowly appropriating more and more from me ;) )

    He really wanted a case for his sidekick...on his last break he had the poor SA pull out every small case until he found one that fit well. I meant to take pis for tPF, but he went back to college before I had a chance

    I finally picked up my own on my last spree! The little pocket even holds my spare card.



  2. wow I really LOVE this idea...thanks for sharing
  3. Great idea!!!!
  4. that's great tink! thanks for sharing! i've been wondering which pouch would fit my SK3 too! this is perfect. ::adding another thing to my wishlist:: ;)
  5. Wow! That's so cool!
    Your son is a genious!
  6. Nice idea! Do you really have an 18 year old?! My oldest is 16 and man, time flies. Smart kid you have there!
  7. great idea!
  8. Fabulous idea!!!
  9. I do...ack! He loves LV. He has mono wallet, a damier wallet, a panda wallet, a bastille and the cigarette case for sidekick). From me he has 'borrowed' my 55 keepall, a toilette case and an ipod case...he almost took my azur mini pochette case last visit...the he really liked the color, but the chain made it to 'girly' for

    He really loved the azur naviglio, but it was too small for his laptop.

    Next on his wish list is some sneakers, but he hasn't found a pain he loves yet.
  10. awesome Idea...
  11. what an awesome idea! wonder if it would fit a psp???
  12. Nice!
  13. Great idea, thanks for sharing!
  14. Great idea!!
  15. yay!!!! thanks sooo much for pics, cause someone on here said it wouldnt fit! hooray!!!!!!!!! it fits!