Cigarette case and a sidekick 3...

  1. Does anyone know if a cigarette case will fit a sidekick 3? Thanks!!
  2. whoa thatd be sweet. i wanna know too! i have the white sk3

  3. Me too! but I just talked to another tpfer and she said no, took the dimensions and it is too big! Do you have any ideas on what will fit? I am looking for a non zipper. I just think trying to get my phone in and out of a zipper would be too much!
  4. blahhhh thats crappy it wont fit. i never even thought about anything to hold my sk3. thats probably gonna be tough to find one without a zipper. ill look around though
  5. I have the cigarette case that I use as a phone holder and my motorola razr fits in it perfectly... I wonder if the measurements are more or less the same??
  6. the sidekick is a lot bigger. i have the pink razr....i can almost fit that in a cles where as the sk just fits in a mini pochette.