Cielo's heavenly-bodies

  1. Here's my small collection, I have a feeling it will grow!
    my LV 001 cropped.jpg
  2. Love the speedy, is that a 25 ?

    Thanks for sharing, you have a great start :smile:
  3. Theyre all beautiful! Thanks for sharing :heart:
  4. Wow! You have most LV essentials covered! Lovely collection.
  5. Love that mandarin :=)
  6. Yippie ! Another LV fan, I love your epi speedy !
  7. love all of your bags!
  8. Great start! They are all classics and you can only go up from there.
  9. you have alot of nice bags!.I :heart: the your speedy!
  10. I love every piece especially your Damier Papillon, thanks for sharing.
  11. Nice! Good taste!!
  12. Thanks!

    Yes, it's an Speedy 25! It's my FIRST LV :smile:
    I'm lemming for something MC, and also a roomy shoulder bag to 'complete' my collection...not that LV collections can ever be completed...come to think of it.. hahaha
  13. Your Mandarin is TDF!
  14. Haha, you've beaten me to post your happy family photo! :yes:
    Don't they look lovely altogether!
  15. Gorgeous! I love all your pieces.