Ciel/soleil/pelouse - which bags?

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  1. #1 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
    (are there other new spring colors? :confused1:)

    Just curious if:
    1. anybody has seen any of the new spring colors out in the stores
    2. whether anybody is considering getting a bag in any of these colors, and if so:
    3. which bags? :graucho:

    I'm thinking it would be fun to have a pelouse picotin, a soleil massai, and a ciel evelyne!

    (I don't know if these bags would be actually made in these colors, just it's fun to think about :P)

    What about you guys? How would you prefer to wear these new spring colors?
  2. Here are the swatches, courtesy of Julide, I believe:

  3. I think that color swatch is from costa. :smile:

    it would be nice to see a Lindy or Kelly in soleil.

    and a soleil + toile Birkin would be a really nice summer bag.
  4. :P

    I got this swatch from costa's thread, for sure, but I think Julide posted this for her:

    (not to be too nitpicky about things - I don't know for sure)
  5. ah yes.

    ciel is kinda redundant. I can't see the difference between that and blue jean.
  6. Soleil is a lovely popping colour
  7. ^^:drool: of soleil toile birkin. Dreaming for a soleil shoulder kelly.
  8. I love pelouse. Would be interesting to see vert anis and pelouse together. I can see there is a difference, but how big?
  9. Is pelouse more like a (spring) grass green?
  10. I would actually really like a KP in ciel. I can just picture myself wearing summery white tones with a pretty little ciel clutch. :yes:
    Oh wait, I'm on a ban...right Allan?? :graucho:
  11. ^^ yeah. speaking of which, you haven't walked me through your recent purchases. :yes:

    and updates with that bag... ;)

    I can see myself toting a 35 cm soleil-toile Birkin with Goldilocks outfit and sashaying through the streets of Amsterdam on Queensday. :P
  12. Slightly off topic, but I am surprised to not see that many curry bags around, I think curry is such a lovely colour too.
  13. I read somewhere that curry was not well-received.
  14. ^^Thanks Allan, I saw irl a birkin and it was really stunning.
  15. ^^ someone did a reveal of her curry Birkin in here. I forgot who it was but I remember there were pictures of the Birkin on a car. I thought the Birk was lovely.