Ciara Thread

  1. The break-up bug has apparently spread to the hip-hop world! After Russell and Kimora, now them!! According to the article attached, their split was not amicable. I wonder who dumped whom? :blink:
  2. to be honest when i found out that the both are dating, i could't believ it because I think he's just too young...a little kid lol
  3. Doesn't seem to be a shocker
  4. this relationship seemed a bit weird to me, because i'm so used to seeing him as a little boy! and i think she was too pretty for him.
  5. They are young. It happens. Personally, i forgot they were a couple.
  6. Yah, i think she's too pretty and old for him too.
  7. Post will showcase some of Ciara's looks. starting off with the Notorious New York Premiere
  8. Wrestler Premiere
    56381714kdanick1217200841736AM.jpg 164262101217200834455AM.jpg
  9. what with her having issues with beyonce?
  10. ^ ? Haven't heard. Fill me in!
  11. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Premiere
    84004759.jpg 84004762.jpg
  12. ^^yeah me either
  13. Is she still with 50?
  14. she did a freestyle of beyonce's "Diva" song and now they are say that they have beef.
  15. Miu Miu Party