ciaos, ciao ciaos, and mamma mias

  1. I'm trying to figure out which one to buy. Could people post up pics? Also, for the ciao and cc, could you post pics of the inside? I'm not sure how the pockets work. Oh, and post pics of yourself wearing it so I can figure out how big it is. List any pros and cons about the bags. Thanks!
  2. I own all three.. and I love them all! I would look in the photo reference thread because there is a ton of pictures of them in there.

    I'd say I probably like the mamma mia or ciao best, but I own two ciao ciaos as well because I love how much of the print it shows.
  3. Here's a list of thread that has been posted before re: the Ciao and Ciao Ciao - lots of info, hope this helps

    Link to Threads
  4. I looked through some threads and get how the ciaos and ciao ciaos are worn and how the pockets work, but the link's not working anymore. What do you think about those bags? Give me some pros and cons about MMs, ciaos, and ciao ciaos.
  5. i have a ciao ciao and love it, i don't have the other 2 style, i switch flaps depending on what side i like that day.
  6. i've never owned a ciao ciao, but owned a ciao (sold it), for my personal preference, I don't really like the ciao because of all the hardware and folding. Plus, I carry way to much stuff and poor ciao wold be busting at the seems. I think the ciao is adorable worn fully open and cross body (which I don't like wearing things cross body). I just never liked that way it felt on my body. I love how it looks on other people, but I don't think I would ever get another ciao.

    On the other hand I LOVE MM's! I think it is the perfect size bag and shows off the print very well. The only down side I can think about is that the bag doesnt' really keep it's shape when it is set down.
  7. I also love my MM's,its great for everyday use and it does show off theprint a lot,I also like the side mesh pockets for my cell and keys,very easy to access
    I also love my ciao's! they are great if you carry very little, a wallet, cell, keys, camera..I personally don't like to wear it flapped over cause you can't fully see the print and I think it looks funny folded over because the flap that goes shops the print upside down, I just adjust it so it can be worn where the whole print is shown, and then the pockets and zippers are easier to get to!
  8. i have all three and i love them all!!
    i wear my AS ciao folded over because i think it's cuter that way... i have polpettina on the bottom and an upside down pink latte on the flap. i love the pinkness of it!
    i used my pirata ciao ciao for a about a week for school... i thought it would be a good school bag but i found it awkward to get in and out of... and plus i started to carry too much stuff it looked lumpy.
    and for mamma mia's, they are simply the best "handbag" because it hangs perfectly and no matter how much i stuff it, it doesn't get bulky or heavy.
  9. I like my ciao for quick trips to the mall where i just carry essentials. I like ciao ciao when I have lots of junk I don't want to empty out my bag. I just got MM and luv this one even more bc I can put lots of junk and it holds it's shape well on the body vs the ciao ciao can get clunky. I like clunky don't get me wrong. To me the MM feels a littel more sophisticated than a messenger style bag. They are all fun to wear. I guess I just switch around bags with my mood too! But don't listen to me, I'm crazy!
  10. Of the 3, Ciaos are my favorite. I have had (and subsequently sold) Ciao Ciaos and Mamma Mias. The Ciao Ciao is just not practical for me. And I just haven't been able to get into the Mamma Mia like a lot of other people have. I like the fact that you can turn the Ciao from a mini bag to a decent sized swing pack by adjusting the rings.

    I have pics of my current collection of Ciaos in the link in my signature (I have more on the way though *lol*). The inside of the Ciao only has the carabiner, no pockets. There are just the 2 pockets on the outside for the Ciao.
  11. I love my MM as an everyday bag (although today I finally broke out my Fumo Zucca and I think the Zucca is now my favorite style - the straps are the perfect length!). My ciao I use if I'm running errands or running to the grocery store - it's a good size for holding keys, wallet and cellphone.
    I haven't used either of my ciao ciaos yet, but I like the way they drape. Although they may not drape as prettily once I stick my stuff in 'em.
    Oh, one issue I have with my ciao is how noisy it is - the rings are always clacking.
  12. I'm going to rule out ciao ciaos; they're too expensive. This is what I usually carry: Waterbottle, cell, wallet, sometimes a jacket. It all fits nicely in my Stellina. I'm worried that the MM straps will always slip off of my skinny shoulders and the ciao will be too small. I want a Foresta, so I want a bag that will show the print nicely.
  13. the MM does sometimes slip off your shoulders but it's alright. i love the MM.
  14. it slips off of my shoulders too!