1. I'm thinking about getting a ciao....any thoughts? it's kinda small but I think the ciao ciao is a little too big..
  2. Its cute to carry the lil stuff (small wallet, cell, keys, makeup!) a bit flat, so it wont carry alot
  3. I :love: my ciao but it was smaller than I had expected... it still holds my essentials and it helps keep what I hold to a minimum ;)
  4. okay so you think a ciao or a corriere in inferno :wondering
  5. both!! haha Im soo bad!! ...I love my foresta ciao pretty much fits the minimal stuff :smile: If you think the ciaociao is a bit too big...the corriere is way bigger!
  6. Those are to totally different bags. I have two ciaos. I either use a ciao or a backpack. It's either everything or nothing for me :smile: Ciao is cool because even though it's a smaller bag it doesn't look so tiny on.
  7. ha ha, I think I'm going nuts trying to decide waht to get. I really like the Inferno print now. I want an everyday bag so I'm thinking the Mamma Mia would be perfect......maybe I'll get a Ciao too...a small hands free bag would be good right?:amuse:
  8. I know I want to get a Ciao soon eventually, it's really cute for just a couple things.
  9. The corriere is a lovely bag, quite bigger than I thought I will take pics of mine today
  10. I considered the corriere too, I just haven't seen it on anyone!
  11. I took a pic w/ one but not a full body pic :p
  12. I'd like to see how the corriere looks worn :yes: