1. I was wondering if any of you wear the ciao as a shoulder bag rather than a messenger, by that I mean arranging the straps so that it does not flap over? I'm having a hard time deciding what to preorder in the amore print, atm I'm getting a campeggio, but I'm afraid it will be too big. The only shop I can get info back on about preorders is Pulsestl, & I'm told they are getting the ciao & not the ciao ciao.
  2. Its too flat to wear as a purse, the straps are too long to be a proper handbag. I like my handbag hanging just below my arm. I Lovvve it as a messenger though, Its lovely and just the perfect size when you arent carrying too much!
  3. I have a Ciao, i use it as a messenger bag. i took the straps off the folded part and put it on the higher hook where it wont fold on the bag so i have more space and easy access to get in and out of the bag
  4. I do that too. I posted a pic of mine for someone where it looked like that. Let me see if I can post it again. Just ignore how bad I look!:yes:
    toki walletbags 024 (Small).jpg toki walletbags 025 (Small).jpg
  5. As of this morning Pulse told me (when I tried to preorder a ciao) that they can't get it; LesportSac tells them the Ciao is all sold out. I wonder who WILL have it as that is the bag I want in Amore!
  6. i know i preordered a amore ciao too n i had to change my order since pulse wasn't going to get them...phooey!
  7. annie b- Thanks for posting your ciao pics! I just ordered a paradiso ciao from the Southampton Lesportsac Outlet. I wanted something small, but with the entire print on it. I was afraid it would be awkward if you didn’t keep it folded over, but the cameo looks great unfolded!!

    Even more excited about my new ciao!!! :yahoo:
  8. And I'm SURE you're thinner than I am so it will look AWESOME on you! I LOVE MINE....and if I had more money I'd buy ANOTHER ONE!!! It works pretty well as a clutch too when you take the shoulder strap off and fold the top over.
  9. Annie b., the Ciao looks really great on you. It looks good just hanging on the shoulder.
  10. Thanks! I thought the bag looked good too when I saw the pic (trying to ignore myself...that may have been what finally prompted the toki diet!)
  11. I was wondering other than the Ciao what other small/medium bags could you get that have the entire print? After getting a Ciao in Paradiso, I wanted to get something with the entire print in Inferno. Does a Mamma Mia typically have whole prints, or would you have to go up a size to Buon Viaggo? :confused1:

    (I'm trying not to buy repeat bags or prints, but I simply love Paradiso/Inferno) :push:
  12. You'd get the whole print (or close to it) with an inferno mamma mia...buon viaggio is a fairly big bag, but you'd definitely get everybody on there.
  13. Thanks! I might have to wait for this tho. My tokidoki addiction is hard on my charge cards! :crybaby:
  14. xianpuubbles: i love your avatar! hehe a blue devil :drool:
  15. vmasterz – Thanks, my little blue devil’s off my Inferno Caramella! He’s my one of my favorites including the little red devil that’s brushing his teeth. :smile:

    I only intended to get a small Inferno, but I didn’t realize I would instantly fall in love with the design and need a bigger bag! I’m hoping they go on clearance at the outlets! :push: