ciao!!! which print?!

  1. does anyone have a pic of a paradiso ciao that they have? folded and/or unfolded? I'm reeeallly trying to decide which print to get the ciao in... ;) After I saw bubblesung's pics of the ciao worn unfolded, I was sold... :drool:
  2. Does this help?
    9507 Ciao.JPG 9507_4731.jpg 9507_4681.jpg
  3. hahaha... that is perfect for comparison of prints!!! i think the upper left is a ciao and the rest are ciao ciao?
  4. i personally love ciao in the amore print, soooo cute!
  5. I think ciao will look good with the prints containing individual characters, like l'amore and trasporto. The bigger pictures like spiaggia and paradiso will get cut off...and would look better with a bigger bag.
  6. I second or third I guess the l'amore in ciao... that's the ciao I have and I :heart: it... all the characters show up!
  7. I just ordered the Paradiso ciao from SH! I asked lindsay for the Sushi boy and the asian girl w/ the slanted eyes :-P hehe...

    the amore ciao is super~cute but I have the amore in stellina which I think I'll use more :smile: I'll post pics when it comes in! this forum is waaay too enabling~~ :happydance:
  8. I'm thinking a lamore ciao would be really nice to have...I wonder if those will ever go to the outlets?
  9. I am in awe of this picture. :love: Maybe I should use this as my screensave...and I don't even own any ciao bags.