Ciao? Is it really functional?

  1. I have been pondering over this bag. The flatness of it throws me off...but I have been seeing some really cute ones...not sure if I should get one.
  2. Once you get stuff in it, it fattens up quite a bit. If you wear it folded like I do, you really can only put stuff in the bottom half or it won't fold properly. It's quite small folded, though -- about the size of a Dolce.
  3. I've been wondering about ciaos too. What do you put in it?
  4. I can fit my denaro, coin purse, keys and ipod in the main compartment (to fold it over.) I put my lipgloss, gum, and tampon in the zippered pouch in front, and my phone in the smaller pouch on the back. If I don't fold it over, I can also fit my camera and sunglasses in it.
  5. i really love ciao's. its great if you dont carry alot, or when you dont want to carry a big/medium size bag. i wear dont wear it folded over so i can fit more. when i use it i carry my hello kitty wallet that is almost 7 inches long, my cell phone (its a palm treo so its kinda big, my video ipod and a pen and small hello kitty notebook . in the small pocket i keep my keys in there. the bag doesnt really look "flat" when all my stuff is in it, neither does it look bulky
  6. I love the Ciao style - I have an LV bag in the same style and I use it all the time. There are some good pics of Ciaos in action in the Bag Reference thread. :tup:
  7. i have yet to use my ciao ciao, but i'm expecting a ciao soon so i will find out how well this works :biggrin:
  8. I owned 2 ciao's in Paradiso and Inferno. I could never get the feel for them, so I sold them to people who would love and make good use of them. I think they are super cute, but I hold way too much and i know they would be bustin' at the seams once I put what i carry everyday. Ciao's aren't for me..but think the are adorable!
  9. I personally think the Ciao is the perfect day-out bag -- it's great for shopping because you have both hands free!

    I think the flat look is way cute as well ^^
  10. I've used my CR ciao once when I went to go get a mani/pedi and I didn't want to carry around too much. It actually worked really great adn was much more functional than I originally thought it would be. I liked it so much I bought a Trasporto ciao too :biggrin:
  11. I think the Ciao is good for shopping (when you want your hands free) and you're not carrying a lot. I had my doubts as well-- it really depends on how much you are used to carrying. If you just put a wallet, phone, lip balm, mints, keys etc. it's fine. But you're obviously not going to get a bottle of water in there. I would say it's great for shopping or maybe a night out. I carry it on the weekends-- remember you can carry it folded or not-- so the versatility is nice. Plus if you have excellent print placement-- well you just can't beat it! It's definitely not a work bag for me, though because I carry way too much (book, sweater, umbrella, etc.). Good luck with the Ciao! If you want a slightly bigger bag-- I recommend the Stellina. It's roomy and I can carry all the essentials and a book and a bottle of water. Plus love the velcro flap pockets in the front.
  12. it sounds good.. i'm always tempted to put too much in my zucca or mamma mia. especially with the gioco you feel like you should have more in there.

    i've had smaller bags like the bambino, bella, and dolce before so i'm not worried about having too much to put in the ciao.
  13. Wow, it looks like the perfect size for me since the one before the Gioco, I used a Dooney & Bourke that was like this:


    Going from THAT bag to a Gioco was a shock to me! I didn't know what to put. I took a giant leap instead of baby steps. Hahah
  14. I think Ciaos are very cute, but for me, its just way to small to be functional. I prefer to use a Canguro when I'm just running to the store to to the park. Generally, I'm more of a big bag person. That's why I'm letting the only one I have go.
  15. I love my ciao's. I have three. I use them all the time. They are great for being hands free and I can fit everything I need in them. I'm a small bag girl anyway. I fit my LG Envy, it'a a big phone so it goes in the long outside pocket. I Ipod nano in the small outside pocket. A brush, my denaro, my wallet, lip gloss and chap sticks. Powder compact and brush, gum and a hair clip. I normally wear it folded, but I just got my dream inferno so I wear it open to show it off. lol