Ciao in Amore? Anywhere??

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  1. I'm going to CA on Wed. Has anyone seen any?
  2. i think that most poeple havent seen a ciao in amore wish they did though cause im dying for one!!
  3. check bloomingdales in fashion valley. that's the only place i've seen l'amore ciao. that must have been couple weeks ago tho. or you can give em a call.
  4. I have been looking everywhere too! But here's how the L'Amore Ciao looks like;

  5. Do you think they do chargesend? I do have a bloomie card.
  6. yes they do charge send! :yes: they're like macy's and nordy's.
  7. I saw one in the bloomies near me about a month ago when they were doing the friends & family sale... Shoulda picked it up. I never really liked the ciao, always thought it was too small, but i was strangely drawn to the amore one!
  8. Great news! I'm gonna head down first to my local Bloomie and if they don't have it, I'm gonna give them a call. Thanks!
  9. is fashion valley in San Diego?
  10. I may have to hit every mall up and down in Cali 'cuz I can't find one online anywhere!
  11. I think ebay had one, but it was sooo overpriced.
  12. JapanLA has one!
  13. Same with me. I never was into the Ciao either because it was small and didn't have any depth to it, then I saw Bubblesung's Disney pics sporting it and I HAD to get one. :P
  14. grrr! now i NEED an amore ciao!
  15. I'm pretty sure our Hawaii boutiques have them still... but you'd pay Hawaii retail for them!

    Apparently we get a LOT more inventory than the other LeSportsac stores because of where we're located (all those Japanese tourists, so it makes sense). That's why our "outlet" still has OP and no one else does. One of the SA's at Waikele told me that they had so much inventory that when the mainland stores ran out of OP, they called the Hawaii stores to ship them some.