ciao ciao's in action

  1. Lots of you love them, I want to see them in action! I can't find any such pictures looking through the other threads & I own one & have another on it's way & have no idea whether I'll even like using them!
  2. i have 2 friends who use ciaociaos...i wonder if i can find pix of them haha
  3. haha! I own two of them too and don't even know if I like them either! But I have 2 kids...and I think that's why....I'm having to haul too much stuff and the ciao ciao (IMO) holds as much as a medium bag..even though it looks larger. So, if I don't decide to trade or sell my ciao ciaos....I'll probably get use out of them when or if I go back to work someday.....