Ciao Ciao vs. Zucca? Help!

  1. My current tokidoki collection is now at 2, with an Amore Buon Viaggio I fell in LOVE with after being "meh" with for like, a day, and the short sleeved loves me chief hoodie. But I've decided that while the BV is good for school, it's not too practical to go out in. (I tried using it this Saturday, and my family decided, "Oh, your bag is big! Let us use you as a mule!" Which is a no-no. XD)

    So I'm torn between the Ciao Ciao bag and the Zucca bag for going out to the movies/library/etc. All I carry is my thick as hell wallet (XOXO, got it on sale and looove it, but it's still huge. XD), a book (which is usually also huge, just finished The Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer), my Creative Zen, an umbrella, and my lovely black DS Lite, along with oodles of other small, unimportant things.

    So the question is, I know the Ciao Ciao and Zucca fit the range for size, but I need it to be small enough so that like...other....people...don't stuff my bag. :sweatdrop: My BV had creases in it! D:! So, help! I also need help on the style of the bag...Foresta, Paradiso, Arancia, or Citta. Not a huge fan of Inferno, and while I think the Adios Star style is SPLENDID on an Zucca, my mother has this major thing against skulls that is ridiculous. Adios on my Amore got her mad. :p

    Thanks for the help in advance!
  2. Um, I think Ciao Ciao is probably too big if you think the BV was. My recommendation would be Zucca. It's still a large size bag, but it holds itself better than the BV as regular purse. Mamma Mia would also be a good size that carries a lot but not too big and is even a little smaller than Zucca.
  3. the zucca is a true handbag. it's large but it's a purse. the ciao ciao is the i can stick anything in this magically large bag.

    i see it like this:

    i have both and the zucca is something i'd go out to dinner with (providing i plan i usually don't) the zucca is something i feel i can be dressed casual but nice and still feel good.

    the ciao ciao is the i'm going to work/running errands afterwards and carrying a ton of crap. and truthfully when empty makes me feel shameful i'm carrying a large and now sort of floppish bag.

    the zucca will hold a lot too. a paper back easily, water bottle (if you're okay with that), wallet (denaro or checkbook) caramella, cell phone and even my digital camera and its not heavy or misshapen.

  4. i second this, aside from the mamma mia, don't have one and haven't seen one IRL. I did for a short time possess a BV and it's a good tote but as you learned not a great purse, and the ciao ciao, is much more tote like than could try a ciao i love mine.
  5. The Zucca is still a big bag. Maybe you need to consider a Mamma Mia or Stellina?
  6. i think stellina and mamma mia would be perfect for your stuff and NOT everyone else's :smile: zucca is nice but still has the potential for everyone to get u to hold their stuff for ya. I have a stellina and it holds a book, big wallet, my PDA, ipod, etc... so I think it'll be a good size for u. If u like the tote-look, go for the mamma mia!!! amore looks great in a stellina cuz it has smaller character...even pirata stellina is cute if u get a good print placement on the pockets...
  7. Yeah, if you don't want to be the "mule" neither the ciao ciao or zucca is a good choice. The ciao ciao is huuuge and so is the zucca. I don't have a ciao ciao but I have a zucca. I fit sooooooooo much in it. I take my denaro, cell phone, camera, a full make-up case, a bigger cosmetic case FULL of extra stuff and gift cards, and my ipod. And then I still have room to spare. So I think you'd still be a mule in either case.

    I would recommend the MM, like the others, because it's just the right size to fit everything I mentioned before with just a liiiiittle bit of room to spare. I would also recommend the bella bella, if you can get your hands on one. I'm not gonna recommend any of the smaller messenger bags because I don't like them. Hehe.
  8. I :heart: the zucca so if the question really is ciao ciao or zucca I say ZUCCA all the way ! :dothewave:
  9. Maybe get something more in between, like a stellina or a mamma mia.
  10. If i have to choose between zucca and ciao ciao, I will definitely go for the zucca (i think people will treat u as a 'mule' too if u carry a zucca). And I agree adios star looks great on zucca.

    But if you want something smaller but can fit what you normally carry, i agree on what the ladies here had suggested - either a stellina or mamma mia.
  11. Zucca! No thought about it. I like it since it has some shape.
  12. i would definitely choose the zucca too since it can hold a ton and still retain its shape well ;)