Ciao Ciao vs Stellina?

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  1. I'm trying to choose between getting a Ciao Ciao or a Stellina for my FIRST Tokidoki bag ever. :smile: I'm actually a little stuck on which to choose... My ideal would be a Ciao, but I can't find any in the print I want (Tutti)!!!

    So between the two that I -can- get my hands on, which do you think would be best with the Tutti print? I should note that I'm not looking to carry around tons of stuff, so the flatness of the Ciao Ciao is no issue. I actually prefer the flat fold-up style over that of the Stellina, but it's so big!

    I guess I could also ask... Is there anywhere selling a Tutti Ciao? There are none on Ebay at the moment. I live in Canada, and the only place I've seen Tokidoki is JB's Bags. Their selection is pretty sad. :sad:
  2. ciao ciao's are on the big side, so I would go for a stellina, since it's smaller
  3. I think the Ciao Ciao would hold the Tutti print better. I have 3 bags in Tutti, going for 4 MAYBE 5 hahaha. I would get a Stellina but the strap is too short for me to wear cross body.

    I say Ciao Ciao!
  4. Karmaloop has the Ciao Ciao in tutti.
  5. I'm 5"1 and the ciao ciao is way too big for me. I love the size of the stellina and I can comfortably wear the strap cross-body.
  6. There's a huge size difference, so really I'd base it on how big you like your bags to be & how much stuff you carry. Stellina is really small, and Ciao Ciao is pretty huge.
  7. Honestly, I think the two would hold the same amount. The CC is flat but bigger in.. volume? hahaha and the Stell is small but bigger in width and what not. So it probably would hold the same amount. Of course the CC could be able to hold a noteboot or something, but for essentials it would probably still work the same. Either bag is a HTH! but for Tutti, its deff the CC ;]
  8. I vote for the Ciao Ciao because it displays the Tutti print better.
  9. Hi ladies!! I'm a newcomer here and wanted to say hello. Also wanted to give my vote for the ciao ciao tutti (it was actually my first toki :yes::yes:) it is pretty big but the size works for me.
  10. I am also 5'1", but love the size of the Ciao Ciao on me. It's my favorite style! It's all a matter of opinion, really. :yes: Go with your gut, and let us know what you pick! Good luck, sounds like you can't go wrong! :tup:
  11. i don't own a ciao ciao but owned 2 Stellina's...I think if you are more about getting the print, definitely get the ciao ciao, because since the stellina has 2 pockets you might have random cut offs. Stellina is great as an everyday bag too and who knows you might find a great placement...

    I guess it's all about your preference.

    what i usually do is buy both, take them home and examine it, try it on, and return which one I'm not loving!