Ciao Ciao VS. Bambinone?

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  1. Hey, lol, yes, another thread by me. XD Soo sorry about all the questions, I'm sorta new at this, but, I'm going to be purchasing my last bag soon, and need some advice. I know it'll be Paradiso, but I'm stuck between two styles: Bambinone, and Ciao Ciao. Now, this'll be a casual going to the movies/hanging out with friends bag, so I need AS MUCH INFO AS POSSIBLE.

    This has been haunting me for a WEEK now! I cannot pick between the two! INPUT, INPUT, PLEASE~!

    TIA. ^__^ Everyone on this forum is so sweet. :biggrin:

    Note: I have an Amore BV, and want something different from that, but not a handbag, and not a messenger like Stellina or Campeggio, so it's really just those two I'm interested in. :biggrin: THANKS.

    NOTE 2: Reference pictures of the two on a person/next to each other= my eternal love for whoever posts it. XD
  2. I like the bambinone. I don't like the ciao ciao, but I know a lot of people do. The size difference on the two are HUGE... The ciao ciao is a pretty wide and big bag, even though it's flat. If it's going to be a "hanging out" kind of bag, I think the bambinone is big enough to carry all your stuff but not overly big where it takes up 1/4 of your body. Unfortunately I have no photos because my first bambinone is on preorder...
  3. Bambinone, wins, hands down. The Ciao Ciao is just so BIG it gets in the way a lot. For the purpose you are describing I'd go insane trying to deal with a big floppy Ciao Ciao.

    I use my Ciao Cioas for "special occasions" when I don't have to carry much and know I won't really have to keep track of it or worry about it being in the way..
  4. I don't have a picture either, but my sister was lookng at both of these bags. she is 5 ft. and 100 lbs. and the ciao ciao look like it took over her body! that bag is huge! she said she would use it for school, but it was big. so she got the bambinone and loves it!
  5. i love bambinone...i dont like ciao ciao so i'm biased, ciao ciao is too big for me, and not practical.
  6. I'm no help because I love them both! :girlsigh:
  7. :sweatdrop: i guess i'm the minority here! i LOVE the ciao ciao.

    but it seems to be more like a flat messenger type bag that u said u wanted to avoid. i only use it as a purse and don't overstuff it. i like the flat look of it. i would say if u don't want a bag to look like it's overpowering u, maybe u should go with the bambinone. it looks small but i know everyone says it can fit A LOT of stuff. plus u could wear it as a long shoulder bag or as a cross-body bag. good luck! :tup:
  8. I :heart: the Ciao Ciao! It's the best bag if you want a lot of a certain print. :love:Plus I also like the flat look.... I hate small bags and am hoping I'll like my bambinone.:sweatdrop:. Well see...:hrmm:
  9. Please post pictures of them side to side, or on you? Please?! LOL XD

    And the thing is, I'm pretty sure I tried on a ciao ciao at century 21, and it wasn't that big, but I'm not a small girl, and it might have been a ciao....>.>
  10. I don't have a ciao ciao but I tried an arancia one at Loehmann's and decided I didn't like the style. It seemed to awkward for me, and I carry a LOT of stuff. It just didn't seem like a good fit for me. I have a bambinone, which was my first purchased, and it's okay. I can't fit everything into it, and the lining gets zipped into the zipper EVERY time I use it.

    I have a gioco I just purchased, and it is large but I love it! I also have a Corriere, which is a messenger style bag, and it fits a lot. For reference I am about 5' 3" and under about 100 lbs. I wish I had photos but I am at work and can't take them easily right now.
  11. I luv the bambinone!

    I don't own a Ciao Ciao but i hear alot of people like it. I think it'll be too big for me.

    I can't imagine stuffing a lot of things in it. Does it get bulky or does it look bulgy? I should take a look at reference pictures too to see how it looks.
  12. jenryalee - I love your avatar! Katamari's a great game! As for a hanging out bag, I'd vote on the bambinone - the ciao ciao is too flat in my opinion and is more meant for papers/notebooks whereas the bambinone would hold water bottles and other hang outty stuff. :smile:
  13. LOL It is a great game! Foomin is one of my favorite cousins because most of the Presents look so good on her! XD And a bambinone can hold a water bottle? Seems a little small....
  14. Don't let the appearance of the bambinone fool you. It may be small looking but that bag can fit ALOT of stuff. It's actually very roomy. I was able to fit my gioco (folded of course) in that bag. And also a big camera (the normal one not the small digi cam) in there as well. I'm very happy with it so I would recommand you to get the bambinone.
  15. I like L'amour best because she looks like glow worm.
    and I have neither a ciao ciao or a bambinone currently, but I like the look of the bambinone better. I have a ciao, but that's way smaller than the ciao ciao. meh.