Ciao Ciao - purse, or tote bag?

  1. In my quest to find an Inferno bag with all the characters I love prominently displayed, I've come to the conclusion that I will end up with either a BV or a Ciao Ciao, because they have the most print showing. I'm also considering a Gioco. (MM and Zucca would be my first choice, but they are soooo hard to find).

    I own none of the above styles right now. I have a MM that I adore, and I've been keeping up with the thread on how people use their BV's. I still think it's too big for me for a purse, but would make a great tote bag.

    So what about the Ciao Ciao? Do you girls wear it as a purse or as a tote? What really fits inside? In the store, they look so floppy when they're empty, but I'd love to know what they look like with the regular "purse stuff" inside.

    The Gioco also looks HUGE to me, but then again, so did the Zucca before I started carrying it and fell in love with it. But so many here seem to love it...

    HELP!! Post pictures if you can. :smile:

  2. i think it's more of a messenger bag.. i kinda want a ciao so i can carry it vertically (open) like bubblesung does :smile:
  3. I like my Ciao Ciao. I have one in Inferno ;]

    I originally got it to hold my laptop, but it doesnt fit! Also is too heavy for it. But It holds like slim things, notebooks and stuff, so its great for school. If I just put like "purse stuff" in it, it forms to my body, looks great on!
  4. Do you wear your Ciao Ciao across your body, or just over one shoulder? Cross body doesn't work well for me...(boobage). LOL

    I'm actually leaning more toward Gioco now because I tried one on in the store and really liked the shape, which I had thought was just weird until now...I think it will come down to what I find that has perfect placement for me.

  5. I have a famiglia ciao ciao that I use across my body like I do my spiaggia stellina. I guess I'm used to a messenger style bag (I use them for school)
  6. I *adore* my Inferno Gioco (and my citta gioco!). It's my favorite bag that I own and I carry it literally every day right now.... The shape is awesome and looks so cute on-- also, you generally have really good luck with placement on giocos because there is so much fabric to display it on... I have every character I wanted except the vampire bunnies in love. I have the regular vampire bunnies though..and I have about four of them on the bag! And lots of ipod girls. Gioco is a really amazing bag, IMO.. hope that helps! :rolleyes:
  7. Galleria in Hilton Hawaiian Village has inferno stuff.. including MMs. But that was last week.. I'm not sure what they have now. But it's all pretty overpriced. x_O;
  8. I use mine cross body, but you can use it on one shoulder, at the shortest strap.
  9. i LOVE ciao ciaos. i wear it across the body and use it as a purse bc i like the big, floppy, flat look of it.
  10. too flat for me- I tried to put some things inside at the store and it looked to bulky for me- but I mostly see people using it as a purse.
  11. I wear my Ciao Ciaos like a messenger bag and use them as a purse - they're perfect for carrying your daily stuff + a book.
  12. i used to think ciao ciao's were floppy and not that great UNTIL I GOT ONE!!! i use mine as a messenger cross-body or i shorten the strap a little bit and wear it on one shoulder. It has been one of the most complimented bags of my collection! I hold a binder, etc... when i'm working at the hospital... I also use the ciao when i don't need to hold a binder!
  13. Same here! Then I was kicking myself for not trying one on sooner.
  14. Hooray:yahoo:!!! It seems to me like there are more pro's than there are con's regarding the ciao ciao. I'm expecting my inferno one either today or tomorrow:happydance: (hopefully). I'm so anxious:sweatdrop:
  15. I'm going to use my Ciao Ciao for school. Messenger Bag!! YAY!