Ciao Ciao or Zucca? Pirata or Adios Star?

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  1. Since you all here helped me make a wise decision the last time, I'm going to count on you to help me again. I'm having a tough time deciding. Do I want a ciao ciao or a zucca? A Pirata or AS?

    While I like the option of slinging my bag across my chest, and having a flat bag so I can easily pack it in my luggage, I like something structured like the Zucca. I need something that can hold a lot, but not look lumpy, and it seems the Ciao Ciao would be the one most likely to look lumpy. I would get the Pirata in both the Ciao Ciao and the Zucca, but right now, that's not possible. And in case you're wondering, I'm a big bag kind of girl who can easily carry it off.

    I've been going through these threads looking for someone wearing a pic of their ciao ciao and their zucca...but I think my eyes are now deceiving me...can you help steer me in the right direction?

    Will post pictures once I can find the cord to hook up my camera to my PC... and then again once I've received my new bags...
  2. I've found pics of a zucca and a ciao ciao on the great bag reference thread...still need help deciding. If you have both bags, which did you like better and why?
  3. I don't have anything in either Pirata or AS, but if I were in your shoes I'd get a Pirata zucca. I have a Spiaggia zucca and I absolutely LOVE it (wore it today, actually). I'm also not a messenger bag girl, and agree with you that if you put a lot of things into the ciao ciao it'll look bulky. I choose Pirata over AS because: 1) I like the print better, 2) it matches very well with the zucca style, and 3) AS will show dirt quickly while Pirata will not. I haven't seen a single AS bag that was completely white, except the ones in store.

    So that's my two cents.
  4. I own both AS (Stellina) and Pirata (MM), I haven't use them yet, but I love them both!

    I would go with a Zucca because it hold a lot! I also have a Spiaggia Zucca and use it all the time (I'm using it now). I don't own a ciao ciao, but from what I've seen it can be mishapen if lots of things are in it.

    I would go Pirata over AS, only because of the "WHITE" factor.
  5. Yeah, pirata zucca and AS ciao ciao. Pirata zuccas are always so cute to look at~ The print looks so good on that bag style :yes: With an AS Ciao Ciao, you get more chances to get more characters~ :tup:
  6. Thanks! It's so hard to choose when it comes to tokidoki! And I'm on a budget too, so it gets even harder, as you may know.

    And I know what you mean by the "white" factor of the AS, Maya. It was one of the reasons I didn't want that print, but I find myself being attracted to it the more it goes on sale. I'll need to find a way to also get the AS Ciao Ciao, but for now...

    I can't wait to place my order for a Pirata Zucca!
  7. :dothewave:PIRATA ZUCCA
  8. I saw someone with a fully stuffed AS Ciao Ciao a few days ago... and it did look pretty weird that way.
  9. Hiya... I :heart: Both styles.. I :heart: the Zucca and I :heart: the Ciao Ciao. Here are pics of my dummy with both Zucca and Ciao Ciao... Hope this helps... Because I doubt what I just said If it was up to me I would tell you to get



  10. You know I own a Pirata Zucca and LOVE it but the thing I hate about are the straps cutting off the best colors of the bag.. I :heart::heart::heart: The Hot Pink, Lime Green, and Aqua Blue. Those colors make the bag bighter and cuter and on a Zucca its cut off.. That why I couldnt sell my Campeggio. Because you can see those colors on the bag.. Pics...:cutesy:


  11. Danelys-Pirata looks so good on a Zucca! I LOVE IT!
    Love ur PG Ciao Ciao :drool:
  12. Aww thank you..:cutesy:.. I love your Spiaggia Zucca and Paradiso Ciao and Denaro...:drool:..
  13. OMG! Thank you so much Danelys! I'm so drooling over your Pirata...everyone has their heads! LOL! I hope I get as good a print placement as yours... I really want the pirate monkey!
  14. :cry: no more Pirata Zuccas at the SH outlet :cry:

    And I had my heart set on it too...looks like I'll get the Pirata Ciao Ciao then to sooth my broken heart
  15. Aww I'm sorry... There is one for sale now under retail on SHOPtokidoki...

    And it has great placement IMO... Hope it helps..:tup: