ciao ciao or ciao

  1. if you have either of these: how much do you carry in them? they are obviously quite flat, do they look silly with a lot of stuff in them?
  2. I like the Ciao better than the larger size. Mine usually has phone (back pocket) wallet, lip gloss, keys (front pocket) mini maglight flashlight (inside flap) and sometimes my camera. (it's a really small camera) As long as you kind of fill it evenly it looks good.
  3. i agree .. you just have to fill it evenly .. so cute on !
  4. I have the ciao ciao and I carry baby wipes, baby diapers, an extra outfit for my baby, my wallet, cell phone, ipod, and chapstick. I think it actually looks better with stuff in it.
  5. i have an adios star ciao, and i agree w/ robotkitten and looks really cute on if you fill it evenly :]
  6. Like Cytheria, I have the Ciao Ciao and use it as a baby bag. The Ciao looks good also so maybe in the future that will be one of my bags.