ciao ciao - love it or not?

  1. So what does everyone thing of the ciao ciao? I have two, a foresta and a citta. Both bought at half price so HOW could I pass on them???

    On the one hand I love the design. It's neat and clean and you get a lot of the print.

    On the other hand I have not entirely decided if I think it's really practical or really easy to use.

    I am either a very small bag person, LOVE my Bella, the bambinone is almost too big for me. (I think I need a dolce) That's for every day stuff - I'm a low maintenance girl and only carry my phone, a pen, checkbook wallet and keys.

    Or I like a really big bag that I can carry the world in when traveling (love the BV for that!). I need my wallet, keys, pda, phone, ipod, mints, knitting project, at least one magazine, water bottle, etc.

    I'm not sure where the ciao ciao fits in. Too big for every day, not practical for hauling a big load. (But very cool to look at....)

    Would I like the ciao or is too small? Will it fit a full size checkbook wallet?
  2. I love my ciao ciao. Too lumpy for a ton of stuff, but you can still fit a lot in. Plus it still looks good when it's empty.

    I like the ciao, but I don't have one yet. I think based on what you said you carry, it would fit that ok. For the ciao you can switch the strap to the top of the bag so it doesn't fold. You'd be able to fit more in then.
  3. Actually, anyone with a ciao...I'd like to see how it looks unfolded...
  4. .... and being worn that way!
  5. I just got my ciao the other day! If you like to be hands free and have a small bag this is great! It is more expensive compared to the other mini bags. But I absolutely love it!!!

    I can fit my checkbook, denaro wallet (which is very thin and small) pen, cell phone, small note pad, sunglasses and still fold the flap over and it doesn't look stuffed! But, absolutely nothing else will fit in there unless you use with with the flap open....then you could probably put a water bottle standing up in it and a few other things. I love the hardware on it! It's small enough that if you took the strap off, you could easily fit it into one of your big tote bags too as use it like a wallet.

    Frogbubbles...I'll try to get a picture uploaded later today of it. I can't remember how to downsize my pictures so I can upload them!
  6. That's what I meant!
  7. Do the Macy's stores carry ciaos?
  8. Cute, I'd love to see your ciao, annie!
  9. I have two ciaos. I like them for the basics, wallet, keys, phone and mini maglight flashlight.
  10. I second this, well except I dont bring flashlight. ciao ciao is too big for me, and too deep (I find it hard to take small stuff out since u have to reach to the bottom).
  11. I love my Foresta ciao ciao :yahoo:
  12. I also have a paradiso ciao ciao that I really like. It's big but doesn't seem too big because you can't carry tons of stuff in it! In other words, it looks bigger so you get all that great toki design, but carries as much as a medium size bag. That's great for me because I don't carry tons of stuff. I just carry little bags inside to keep it organized...which is good anyway because then I can change out my bags faster and easier too.:excl:
  13. Yes, they do. I've seen Ciaos at Macy's in San Francisco!

    How does everyone wear their ciao ciao, as a messenger or does anyone actually wear it on their shoulder? I've always used mine as a messenger but I wonder how it works out as a shoulder bag...too long?? :confused1:
  14. I love my ciao ciao foresta but I'm not much of a small handbag person.
  15. I'm curious...I'll try it out! By the way, I called S.F. Union Square Macy's and she said they sold out of the sale/clearance bags a long time ago. She said one lady came in and bought them all! Isn't that obnoxious??? No doubt its an eBay business! That just ticks me off! :cursing: It keeps the price up and if you don't live any where near dept. stores that put them on sale or clearance you're just sol....except for the few outlet stores. Do the outlet stores get good placement print bags? Or do they send the pickovers to them? I'm curious. I bought a couple from outlets and I'm just at the mercy of the SA. The ones I got were okay...what do you outlet shoppers know?